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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The truth weell sed you free

You know The Woman has a blarg, yes? I had a blarg fors'. Then she carpied me. Ees my idea. Y hor blarg ees abou' hor "byoodeful garden". Yes? She wride abou the blueberries, the strawberries, the feeg, the rose' flowers...muchas flores blablabla. She taghe peecture ob preedy terrace, the terrace becorm famous, eed go' arn corber ob booghs?

Well, eed's time to see the real peecture:

Thees ees how the garden loogh'! Hello? Ees embarrasseen'. She ees porpotradeen' an ontruth. Dios mio, how she ged away weeth eed por so larng I doan' know.

So I say: Clean the terrace, Wooman. Because I blosh por you. I blosh. Onder my forr, my skeen ees peenk.


  1. Oh Estorbo, it is Winter. It could soon be covered by enough snow for an igloo. Brrrrrr....remember that?

  2. Terrace? All I can see is one big, blag, Dominican cat who is muy guapo! Si, si, si.

  3. Terrace? Are you sure it is not the compost area?

  4. You're a hard taskmaster, Estorbo. Poor Wooman.....

  5. Hermano, one thing about humans: they porportrade ontruths -- verdad. Cads lighe us do nard lie. But humans -- Dios mio!

  6. Hola! Our hermano 'Kaika is so right!
    Maybe the Wooman will leave it for you and Smoothman to clean while she is gallivanting?

  7. SOMEONE had to blow her cover. You are truly a BRAVE boy!

  8. Beautiful photo.
    Funny post.

    Love you Estorbo, also the
    Wooman and Smoothman.

  9. the wikileaks of the Terrace, Storbie, bravo!!(nice foto)

  10. you make me laugh,
    you make me smile
    I really love you storbee


  11. But, Estorbo, its green - amidst all of the brown. Please, let the green stay as long as possible. (it makes good snacking, hint)