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Monday, December 26, 2011


 Ees carnspeeracy.

Por many weeghs now...mornths? - the Wooman has been gebeen' me deleecious snag twice a day. Fors' I hear raddleraddle, an' I corm ronneen'. Then I hear craghlecraghle, an' she prepares the tread. Then she geebs the tread to me. Ees ber' goo', como teghsture ob peanod botthair weeth flabour ob cheecken.

Then the Wooman leab. Weeth suitcases. Ees serioos.

The Smoothman stay. Maybe she no ligh heem and me no more? We are lefd behine'. Like dargs by the side ob the road. Dargs - she no need them.

Bod I heear raddleraddle lighe usual. Craghlecraghle. The Smoothman geebs me my tread. Bod the shape ees deefferen'. Was roun', now eed is pentogram. I chew, sospicious. I tasde sometheen' terreeble. I SPEET!

Ees forgheen' peell.  Eenside tread. Heedden.

Ees decepcion. Corber orp.A beil ob ontruth.

Now I mos' as' myselb. Ebery tread has been a lie?

Whadebber. Now I know.

When een doubt: Speet.


  1. Yes, I speet, too.Even in Camenbaert - I can taste that pill so...sfppt.(on a rug, if possible.)

  2. It is the same deceit I attempt with my dargs. Not cheese nor whipped cream nor chicken. Nothing. So I must stick it in the throat and close the mouth. Poor Estorbo and poor Smoothman. Es una problema mas grande. Next time try feesh.

  3. What ELSE has she been hiding? Time will tell.

  4. Gotta go back to the previous shape of Peel Pocket, Smoothman. FRESH ones! Maybe a little bacon grease on the peel too.

  5. I think Simba is right, Mr. Beence. And as Sporran has said, we cats are very good at detecting pills. The human doesn't even attempt pocketing our meds. She mashes them up and mixes them with baby food and syringes them down our throats. Oddly, we usually submit.

    Hermano, you might have Smoothman ask the ved if you could get a prescription for the transdermal eargel form of your typhoid meds. Might be easier for everybody. Just saying ...

  6. Looks like it will be a long few weeks until the Wooman comes home ... but remember that Beence has your best interests at heart.

  7. How unfortunate. There are different ways to deliver the peels. The darg loves the duck pill pocket as do the cats. Cats, being smarter, are not fooled though. I have a pill shooter for 1 cat and the other I just throw the pills as far back as possible and then feed a yummy feeshy food for treat. A compounding pharmacist might be able to make a chewy form of the pill in a yummy flavour. I did do radiocat for my typhoid cat and now he needs no peels at all.

  8. Storbie, I think this. Beence is not good at deceit as the Wooman. You are in shock - but it points out the difficulty he has pulling the wool over your eyes. In fact - you must have the pill.

    So ask yourself. Do you really want the Smoothman to become as sly as the Wooman has had to be? The pill is now a necessary evil - due to the typhoid.

    I've had to face this myself with my boys. I was berber bad at sneekysneeky.

    Good luck to all - at the very least - let's hope the Wooman comes back soon. And when she does - you must say in smallvoice - eeeep

  9. Lemon-pie says: Hey Storbie. I is callin from my hospital bed. I had a run in (run into) wid a car on Crissmuss Eve an I broke my pelvis an banged my head... I nod allowd to speet my peels oud, nod here. Bud dey are to stop the pains so I choosin to swollow dem for now. My Wooman is foreber phonon,phonin coz she worry but I in de bes' place. No dancin for a while the ved say...
    Happy holidaze, Lemon :)

  10. You can speet all you want my dear Estorbo, I have the advantage of a homo sapiens brain and endless patience...

    I will prevail, and the pills will be had, even if I have to crush them in a powder and have you... but let's not go there yet.

  11. Estorbo, if I were you I would not let him know I know and take the pills just to show him what a brave and fearless cat you are...hoomans are so stoopid, he will be fooled by this into thinking he is the master. Not so!

  12. Dear Estorbo, I hope that you have accepted the pills in good grace, because we hoomans can be very persistant about this. (Tino will concur with me. I will chase him down for pills, tick removal, tooth inspection and all other issues. I am like death.)
    Happy New Year to you, Smoothman and the Wooman.