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Friday, October 14, 2011

Whad mos' I ead?

The Wooman say' she ees theenkeen' abou' feedeen me RAW MEAD.

She say she ees becormeen' sospicious ob the Hill's Ligh' that ees 50 porcent ob my died (order feefty ees Wellness pelleds). Remembhair I ead dry foo' so she can add agua to my pelleds, orderwise I ged blockage, yes?

Bod now, seence two weeghs, I yam nard ligheen' the agua con pelleds. I dreenk, y then I leab the kaka wed pelleds. I cannar' essplain why. Tasdes lighe sheet. She throw them oud, she geeb me dry, I ead. Also she has been geebeen' me cooghed cheecken when I yam nard eadeen'. Theese ees delicious. Por ten years I yab been tryeen' to train hor to feed me these y now when I yam DYEEN' ob typhoid she lorns. Nard so brigh'.

Bod a ved ees South Afreeca say that theese Hypertyphoidsim that I yab ees new disease por indoor cads. South Afreecan cads no ged eed so moch. Eengleesh cads, yes, Amereecan cads, yes. Maybe ees chemical een houses. Maybe ees een cadfood. Maybe ees een can' feesh.

I doan' know. We hab no chemicals (yessept soap), we ead no can' feesh, I doan' ead can' food.

Bod raw mead die-yed? Forgheen'A!!!!! Breeng eed arn. I yam ready.

She ees goeen' to butchair, now.

Also, she read, to maghe eberytheen' more complicade'. Heells, has yos (Augus' 2011) produce' new typhoid die-yed, Hills Y/D. Ees berber' low een iodine. So now whad???

Maybe she ged me thees food. Eben though she also theenk Heells, dayeen' dayoud, maybe maghe me seeck!

Bod thees new food Y/D eed has only been tesded arn 150 tesd cads ad the Heells ranch. These tesd cads ged bedhair een 4 weeghs.

Should I be a tesd cad?

Should I ead raw?

Whad you theenk?

[Admin: the cat has some issues with English. He has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, not typhoid.]


  1. Tht is very interesting that the South African vet says cats there do not get your disease. But maybe cats in SA don't live as long, being mostly outside ones? Or maybe it has to do with vitamin D somehow? SO cats make vitamin D through their fur?

    My people add water to Audrey's pate style canned food, making it sloppy for her to increase her water intake. Of course she will eat just about anything (including pellets that have had enough water aded to them to make them soft, but not soupy).

    Maybe you should try the Y/D pellets and be a test cat.

  2. Meant DO cats make vitamin D.

  3. But typhoid sounds so much more FUN!

    I recently went to a raw whole foods diet and I feel so much better--having said that I really doubt the motives and nutritionality of "formulated" cat foods. Cats are designed to eat meat. If I could afford (and hubby could stomach it) my crew would get a raw diet, as it is I feed canned that has mostly all meat and a few pelleds that are grain free.
    Just my two cents.

  4. Oh Estorbo, you have made me laugh this afternoon. "Typhoid" is such a serious disease, I really have no comment. However, I do think the fillers in our animal food are very suspect. It sounds like trying the raw food for a while might be better to get any chemicals out of your system. My dogs (yes, I know) get some canned food on their kibble. Recently I have been giving them some yogurt instead, thinking it is more natural. Being a test cat? I don't know about that. I hope you are feeling a little better.

  5. The Wooman has just entered the nightmarish world of choosing alternative cat food. The more she googles, the more confused and scared she will get. Raw diets are great, apparently, and cats live long and healthy lives on them, but they involve much more than raw meat. Get her to read this: or some of the other websites.

    I shall now think of you as Typhoid Mary; hope you are getting better?

  6. Hermano, sorry to hear about the "typhoid" thing. LOL! I don't know what's best for you, but if the Wooman wants to feed you raw food, there are numerous websites that have some nutritious recipes, and there are a number of already prepared frozen raw foods. Rachel is right that raw diets do involve more than just raw meat. Cats must get sufficient taurine and other nutrients as well. We eat canned Wellness (con agua) and Taste of the Wild pelleds. Minimal brown rice -- no other grain. Keli'i thinks Heel's is sheet, too, so we never get it.

  7. Sorry to hear about your help problems. Make SURE though that if you eat raw you get all the vitamins you need (cats need things like taurine!).

  8. Harley and I switched to a raw diet a few years ago after our mom talked to our holistic vet. We take the easy way out and buy Nature's Variety raw frozen medallions. You just take the number of medallions for the next day out of the freeze and store them in the fridge for overnight thawing (in a ziploc bag). They are already nutritionally complete. My favorites are chicken and rabbit, and Harley also likes bison and venison. You can read a lot of good stuff here:

  9. So sorry to hear about the typhoid. That can be very nasty!
    As to food you may want to check out the Pawcurious blog by a vet who talks about various pet foods, although she doesn't have alot about raw foods. She does her own research and gives some good information. From what I read homemade raw food can be time consuming and messy. Good luck with that - although your Wooman does like to cook, mmmmm. I am going to try HealthyKitchens to see if I like that better than chipmunk or squirrel. Tino (dictated but not read. Amy)

  10. Storbie I am with Daisy and the other commenters that feed prepared raw diets. Nature's Variety is good stuff and easy for the Wooman to feed you. I don't believe in any dry food and I believe that Hill's Science Diet is not good for any cat. My opinion. Feeding wet food is better than dry any day. Kitties on dry food can never get the amount of water they need. When we had our kitty with allergies and asthma we read the stuff at this site and it helped-

    The woman could go out of her mind though with all the info like I did. I just want you to get to feeling better Storbie because you are a great kitty!

  11. My Cat Boys will only eat dry food. They eat a prescription diet kibble from Royal Canin because one had a urinary tract problem. Both were just to the Vet who said they are now very healthy. When Tizzy was sick, he wouldn't eat his kibble mixed with water either. Neither will eat anything but their "pelleds"....not even cooked chicken or raw meat. Seems there should be some meds or special food to treat an over active thyroid.
    Please give Estorbo a special kiss from all 3 of us.... me and the Cat Boys.

  12. If his HT is not masking CRF, boiled meat might be an option.

    We make a batch of boiled meat (obviously no salt or anything else), freeze portions for convenience, warm it up when needed. It is also cheaper than pet food.

    Would not go raw because of the risk of bacteria and parasites.

  13. I have kitties of a certain age urinary issues. The vet put me on Wyson Uretic and Natural Balance canned food. She said it is very important I get lots of liquids. The staff is always grumbling about trying to figure out canine and feline diets to keep myself and the dogs healthy. Has Wooman offered you a bit of low sodium chicken broth to drink along with the agua?

  14. Halloween's MineOctober 15, 2011 at 12:55 AM

    Two things here -- loss of interest in the usual fare and the question about raw vs processed.

    The meds might be affecting your appetite, my friend. Maybe ask the Wooman to ask the ved about switching to another med or another brand of the same med before leaping onto the raw vs processed carousel?

    I'm staying out of the raw vs processed issue.

    -Halloween's Mine

  15. I don't know about raw....just that it's not for us. Since two of us have blocked everyone is on prescription urinary food. Our vet prefers Royal Canin, then Purina and then Hills. We use both dry and wet.

    Not thrilled about this, but what can you di?

    Do you have a water fountain for drinking? We have been interested in this ugly one by Glacier Point.

  16. I tried raw for my oldest boycat, Beni, who has chronic cystitis for 3 years now. I had tried several canned foods for urinary tract issues - and I continue to work on the food - because that is a know chemical in his body daily. Raw made Beni (also 10) throw up (too much? too soon?)

    Raw is worth a try - but too much all at once could be hard on his already taxed system. He could just be adjusting to the meds and any other daily changes.

    Once a week I give Beni the canned Weruva grain free diet which has a lot of liquid in it. It helps keep liquid in him when he probably avoids water for fear of the pain his cysts cause him.

    Wow - look at all the adoring fans and advice you have! We all love Storbie

  17. The Secretary says to tell you that an older cat who has been for so long on a dry food diet might have stomach upsets if you switch to raw meat.Small portions and only occasionally.
    And we would like to say that we are allowed to have raw chicken wings and chicken necks (cut into smaller pieces and not fed all at once.Phooey!) because it's good for our teeth and also our stomachs.Of course, sometimes The Sceretary can't find the organic chickens and we have to go without. She says the other crap is full of antibiotics and godknowswhatall.
    And we only drink water.
    But Dr. Dave says we are doing well.

  18. When Kyra got sick Michael started making this for her: Our vet warned us not all cats like it but Kyra loved it and did very well. (Unfortunately, Sisko will NOT eat it.) If you want to borrow our sausage maker to try it out before committing, let me know.

  19. I think the more natural the diet, the better - clean, tasty, safe and whatever you decide on, if its new, a very gradual change over :)good luck Estorbo!

  20. We are English dogs (sorry for intruding on your feline space). We eat raw chicken wings and have been much healthier since our food provider made the change. And chewing on real meat, bone, skin and gristle is soooo much nicer than sticking one's nose into a bowl of soggy chow doncha think??

    We occasionally eat human leftovers and biscuits for bulk but NEVER dog food....we recognise the can you see and refuse point blank. What does she take us for? Dogs??!

    Good luck with the Typhoid!!

    Shelagh and Minty