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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Liair liair, pands arn fiair!!!!

 Seben (who calls a cad Siete, por fabor?). She ees a poossy.

The Wooman cheaded arn me!

She say they are goeen' away to stay weeth YOOMANS.

She corms bag weeth peectures of these cads~!

Me: Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicanaheearmeroareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!?

Whadtheforgh??? Am I nard goo' denough por hor? Ees my for nard blag enorf? Are my legs nard larng enorf? Whad abou' my tail? Does she theeenk becos I maghe panta wornce een my libe I yam a COWAR'? Ees eed because I larst my Claw (I deed, eed fell arf, sneeff)?

Has she no hear'? No decency?

She ees cole' as ICE.

Sisko. He is  mancad.

I need to know more. I am withholdeen' fabors, starteeen' NOW.



  1. Oh, the things you must endure! I suggest you cultivate a limp due to you terrible claw injury/loss. if you can't have her respect you may as well go for her pity.

  2. Estorbie, amigo, I like this drama, more than all Shakespeare ... but... Seven, Siete... no sé... Seven lifes has a cat... maybe she is in her seven life
    but she´s cute

  3. she's just tryin' to make ya jealous Storbie ... and you took the bait. Did someone mention feesh ?!? xoxo les Chats de Rue LeNoire BleetNess, Oliver & Virgil.

  4. Lost your claw!! So sorry to hear this. Bery Bery sad for you. snif.

  5. Don E., you're channeling Mick Jagger's Beast of Burden: "Ain't I rough enough, oh honey, aint't I tough enough, oh please." I suppose that was deliberate.

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  7. Dear Estorbo, Now you know how we feel when OUR woman spends all her time reading your blog instead of paying attention to us. We liked your man and woman very much, but we promise not to steal their hearts away from you, Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana. We don't think we could...they seem very loyal. As for the name Seven, here's a clue: Resistance is Futile.
    Respectfully, Sisko & Seven

  8. Perhaps you should go the other direction - no pity, but macho cad who won't let the loss of a silly old claw slow him down? Those other cads are nothing! You are da man!

  9. Perhaps I should remind you that you hurt Beence's feelings when you ran and hid behind your filing cabinet just because you hadn't seen him for 6 weeks!

    Oh, a word to the wise, amigo- if you make fun of someone's numerical name people might look up "estorbo" in a Spanish dictionary.Just sayin'...

    (If you really, truly believe your Wooman no longer loves you, I believe the ash cloud is clearing so just hop aboard a Qantas.I still love you.)

  10. Hermano, no tengas miedo! I think she was just fascinated, never having met a Borg kitty (Seben) before.

  11. Storbito, I was looking at Seben's picture and she reminded me just the tiniest bit of the lovely Khedi. Maybe the wooman sees it too. There's always enough love to give. It grows and grows.

  12. Storbito, that anonymous comment was from me. It got snatched from me before I put in my name!

  13. Hermano, I have to say that I agree with Donatella ... that picture of Seben did remind me of *sigh* Miss Kehdi ... just sayin' ...

  14. is someone a leeetle yellous?