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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Leisure time

I yab been beeseeteen' the neighbors.

An patrolleen' my ranch.

The Wooman ees sayeen' rude theen's abou' my seelluette...

So I corm home por a leedle eenspeeration besi'e the cadneep.

How you lighe my seelhuette now?! I say...


Maghe me, I say.

OUD! she shoud.

Why? I as'. Eed's sarft: I lighe mars onder my tail. Ees nice an' cool. My tail ees hart.


  1. Hi Estorbo, so nice to hear from you again. I've missed you. Your profile is impressive. Guess what? I'm a few steps closer to getting a new cat (a little gentle persuasion and perhaps manipulation?) and I have already decided it will be a black one because they are always the last to be adopted -- stupid superstition -- and a female who hopefully will have fewer territorial issues. If I get her and she is beautiful, I'll post her photo just for you.

  2. Scooter asks me to tell you that a comfortably-rounded profile suits glossy black cats very well. Ignore anyone who mistakes it for podge....

  3. You are quite handsome. I like a bit of heft in a man.

  4. I wonder what you are herding on your ranch this year. And what are you doing at the neighbors? I wish our neighbor's cats would stay on their own ranch because they are stalking my wild baby bunny. Millions of ground squirrels and gophers here, let them have every one of them. Please be careful on that rooftop. I know you are an experienced caballero but I worry about you. Happy trails!

  5. You make my day, Don Estorbo.
    And I love black cats. OK, I love ALL cats.

  6. Storbie, we all know that you're not fat. You're fluffy! ; )

  7. I think you look good under the fig tree - sleek and soft and happy.

    Maybe de wooman wants you to wish her something - you know what day it is - I'm just sayin'.

  8. "Maghe me"? Oh my gard, ju lighe to leeb the libe peligroso!
    Jur silhoued looghe ber' fine to me, bod maybe thees 'nip maghe ju hongee, jes?

  9. My cat loves climbing our fig tree. And rolling in the leaves that fall from it. Cats and fig trees belong together.

  10. Cadneep is a good source of inspiration, hermano. And you must stay inspired because you have Big Trabajo!