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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday news

Major braghethrough arn the terrace yesserday: the Wooman ad las' wen' oud an' deed sorm worgh. She ees berber' lazee. Terrace looghs lighe sheet. Por mornths I yab nard been able to maghe scratcha arn my larg. Las plantas wor een the way. Why are las plantas more eemportant than me?! Bod las' nighd I made scratcha teell the spleent-hairs wor flyeen'!

Een order news. The bue collar: same ole' same ole'. Sormtime' when eed ees folded bag I can leeck my bagleg: leeckaleeckaleecka! Then the Wooman shoud ESTORBO an' I maghe myself flad an' she peeck me orp an' roll me ober an goes, Seelly Cad! Then she wash my leg and pud the cream arn an' pud me bag arn my legs an' fole' the collar forwar' again. Lighe cone, ligh satellide deesh. My gard. I heear too moch. So moch soun' een the worl'. Bod now I cannard reach my leg. Ees...como si dices...eenfureeadeen'!

I steell play weeth streeng ebery day. The Smoothman says I yam goeen' loco. I play weeth streeng lighe I yam goeen' to KEELL eed. So? I yam goeen' to keell eed! An' I weell keell them eef they ged een the way!

I maghe yompa arn the roop, sometime' weethoud the collar. The Smoothman say the collar ees bad por balance, an' maybe I ged storck sormwhere, lighe the time I lefd my short arn the fire escabe ob the bandido. The Wooman ees more, lighe, whadebber? Bod I know eef I go meesseen' she weell corm an' rescue me.

There are carnstrarction worghairs arn the house ob the bandido. They ebeected heem. So I no go there no mas. I hade worghairs

 Time por a nab. My nighds are so essausteen'. The labender squort bardle terrorizes me so now I only eep ad 5 or 6 am.  Taghes so moch energy to sopress the eep.


  1. hahahahahhahhahahaha
    we love you DE

    les Chats avec La Rue Noir
    BleetNessie, Olibear, And Virg

  2. First photo: You handsome devil, you!

  3. Hermano, I've been thinking about the leecking and the eeeping ... you know, maybe they are really tics! Maybe you have feline Tourette's!

    Pee Ess: The human has been staring and smiling at your profile photo from today's post for the longest time ... should I be worried?

  4. Ikaika, Keli'i has hit the nail on the head. Tourette's. Totally. It explains everything. Thank you!

  5. Wowie zowie, Estorbo, I just don't know how you put up with it all. No wonder you needed a nap. From the look of your paws in the last photo, you went out like a light, so I hope you get plenty of rest for whatever life hands you next. xo

  6. Tourette's! hahaha. And we all thought you were just naughty when you said "Th."

  7. oll thees challenge maghe you wise estorbo - we can see eet een your need longnap an many hour weethoud destrarctions como streeng, cone, squeerrel, constrarction workers. you need to fin' your true self again. ju look so serious - anyone else say thees?

  8. Hola, Estorbo,
    the Guapo from Brooklyn...