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Thursday, December 9, 2010


The Wooman cannard coogh, so I had to help hor feegure oud how to maghe souffle. The mose' eemportan' par' was wheeskeen' the cream. I hab wheeskhairs, I tole' hor, ob course I shoul' be wheeskeen' the cream!

I tell you, thad Wooman has a hard ob stone.

So I gabe orp my cream dreams an' sad an' wadged the snow florries. Ees lighe a beeg cad ees pulleen' oud the feathhairs ob a leedle whide bor'.

Ay. I yam so hongree.

Pee Ess: I yam now worgheen' por SETI. I weell be weareen' the bastardcollhair por ebber. An' ebber. An ebber.

(We are nard alone.)


  1. Right on Don E! If you have to wear a collar, it should be more fashion-forward. Or Elizabethan, like Sir Walter Raleigh's poofy lace collar, which incidentally would pair well with the royal purple velvet shirt I suggested during your shirt phase.

  2. If you could come visit me, I could lick your fur for you. Or get my lady to take off your collar. And I'm sorry you didn't get to have the cream...

    Emma the Calico Queen

  3. Hola, hermano! We understand about the wheesking problem.

    And have you picked up any signals yet? Maybe something from Weekee-leak?

  4. Sounds logical to me, whiskers and cream -- in fact ANYTHING with cream!

  5. weekee leeky tee hee
    lub you DE

    les Chats de Rue Noire

  6. I mean, why buy a satellite dish, when you can have a cat!

  7. As we know, you are a living saint, and a holy martyr too.. When the beings from a more evolved planet come to visit, perhaps you should just state your terms and go with them.....

  8. Having two handsome cat boys of my own with their own blog, how could I resist.
    Besides, I've been wanting to learn Spanish.


  9. You are my faborite person who walks on quatro feet.

  10. so, you are sending an important message beyond the uniberse against your will? perhaps you could be a catambassador when you have a successful connection with the cosmos. and we will be here to learn of this... as borat says - "I'm so excite!"

  11. Eef ju hear any Weekeeleeks don' admeed northeen'! There are sorm ber' strange theens happeneen' my fren.

  12. Ha ha ha... no, we are not alone.

    Happy Holidays to you! And to anyone else who may be with us out there in space.