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Saturday, April 24, 2010

New blargs

I need help.

I yam loogheen' por new blargs to add to my blargroll. I lorb the Geengehairs. These are seerious cads. I hab respeghd for Senor Jefe, too. The aneemals ad the Slow Lane are cool, too.

Bod I wan' sorm more cad blargs, blargs whad are nard cudesie wudesie, weeth cads weareen' clothes, too moch adbertiseen', sheet.

I wan' cads weeth Opeenions. Cads weeth additude. Cads weeth cojones.

Pleease. Help.


  1. I have dos to offer:
    The names are cute but the blogs are, I think, wonderful as they are about foster cats and kittens waiting to find homes.
    About the cojones, these kittens lose their literal cojones as soon as they weigh 2 pounds (the kittens, not the cojones) but they have the figurative kind!

  2. He doesn't post often, but Abbie is a good dude:

  3. For your consideration
    All about two resident cats and the fosters they host.

  4. hhmmm, we would say come visit us...we refuse clothes that aren't forced on and one of us nearly drove our Dad insane and there's the fact that there's 12 of us...we do admit to being cute but not so that it's intentional, y'know.
    Lounge Kats
    p.s. we are serious nip eaters.

  5. I could suggest several to you, but why not start with

    Of course they cannot help but being cute - 4 Abyssinians and a Spaniel living in rural France with their owner #1. But the cuteness is not excessive and it is many peoples' favorite blog.

  6. Blogger still says we do not exist!The secretary will try to post this comment with a link for Pearl who used to live not far from you.
    Geiger y Sporran

  7. I'd blog my 5 beautiful cats..Tigger the boss who has had famous Oz singer 'Slim Dusty' call especially to visit him, Claude who looks like Yosemite Sam , a red point Himalaya. Wookie, our chocolate point Himalayan who eats with his fingers, Chrissy who watches TV , a white persian, and Cushla, a tortoiseshell who came to us with a smokers cough after her elderly mummy died.
    Yes would do a blog except I don't think they would care for the paparazzi bothering them once they were discovered.

  8. Hermano, may I also suggest Daisy's blog? Clothes? Yes, but very creative!

    And then there's Skeezix the Cat's blog:
    Skeeze is a cross-dressing, feline fashionista (which, you gotta admit, does take cojones) -- he will keep you entertained, trust me!

    And from your neck of the woods in Longguyland there's Jeter Harris -- he only wears Yankee's caps. He was my first feline friend on the internet, and I highly recommend his blog:

    And if you want a Meezer (Siamese) with cattitude, there's former presidential candidate Cheysuli's blog:

  9. Muchas gracias to my compadres por all the leenks. I weell be lookeen' ad these blargs an' lorneen' an' makeen' snab yodgemends, lefd an' righ'!

    An' who ees Sleem Dorsty?

  10. Slim Dusty...he's dead now, but he was very popular in shit-kicking circles. Sorry! I mean country music. In Australia.
    And Ikaika is right about Skeezix-he also has a very useful page of tips for cats who are not computer-savvy.

    Dinah per Geiger y Sporran

  11. Alexander,Melba,andTigerlilyApril 25, 2010 at 9:11 PM

    what about http://www.
    All the clothes are actual cats in their very own coats, with the occasional, chic, understated accessory... such as a collar with a dainty bell.

  12. I expect you already read the blog of internet superstar, Maru...
    That's the only one I can think of.

    (I'm new to your blog and think it is wonderful.

  13. Yes ...Slim Dusty was a great Australian country & western singer & music icon who passed away in 2003. He was most famous for his song 'The pub with no beer'. he visited us and came back a month later just to call in and see Tigger, our big grey long hair cat who was then only emerging from 'kittenhood'. He stayed the day sitting and playing with Tigger and we were very honoured.
    On our website under 'Your Hosts' tab are photos of Slim & Tigger. You call also Google Slim Dusty on You Tube and listen to some of his songs if you like.
    he was a great Australian Icon and loved cats.
    Kiwi opinions of him don't really count and should be discounted.

  14. Simba's seemed interesting so I tried the link... straight onto a mega bible site... hmmm...?????

  15. Seegreed, doan' paneec:

    Seemba's leenk yos had a typo...


    Adan and Lego are pretty sweet.

    My blog sometimes has nicky and ivan.

  17. Hermano, here's another blog for you to check out:

    Kukka has been blogging for some time now, off and on. She has lots of cattitude!

  18. I agree with Kaika. Kukka's blog was actually the first cat blog my Mom got into, and we are sorry she is not blogging so much any more. Do read back to some of her earlier stuff.

    Zeus is one of Kukka's buds, and though he doesn't post too often, he has some good attitude: (I checked for typos this time)

  19. We second Maru's nomination, see also


  20. Noone can compare to your blog, Estorbo! They all pale...

  21. Scooter has a test blog, but the stupid human wanted it to have 3 columns and got stuck halfway when the instructions ran out. If she unsticks it, he'll be up and running. Though as he is Very Timid, it'll mostly be Up and Running Away. It will do him good to be linked to a big brave cat like you.....

  22. My thought processes are slow. The following blog (Katie's)might have a good balance of attitude for you, and it is fun to read because Katie's owner Glogirly is very accomplished with Photoshop, but in a clever artistic way, not the cutesy wudesy you are trying to avoid.

  23. Gracias to todos.

    I yam steel readeen' theenkeen' theenkeen'. Eef only the Wooman deed nard torture me een the red coad, more blord cool' ged to my brain, an' I coul' theenk fast-hair.

    Een the meantime my engineer ees worgheen' arn recordeen' my mighdy Eeeeeeeeeep!

  24. Hola! Hermano,we think this cat might be of interest. We especially think the final photo shows a very Estorbian attitude.(And ,yeah, we get the same tail-end-charlie treatment, too!)

  25. We are mustering our opinions, Estorbo! Come and visit:

    You'll find yourself amongst friends.

  26. Serioosly, I yam steell loogheen'...

    Hellen, I lighe Maru. I doan' know whad the forgue he ees sayeen', bod I lighe heem.

  27. Porro wants to have a blog of his own. Maybe soon he'll work up the nerve start one and send you the link. Estorbo, you are our favorite Other Black Cat!

  28. well it's not really a blarg but it geevs me hours of henjoyment:

    you'll like it's sick kind of humor storbie. at least i theenk you will.

  29. Oh wants guys with cajones. I guess that lets us out!

    George & Max

  30. I am not a cat but would you consider a blog about a single woman living in NYC - with cat (s)?? Like Sex and the City but..with cats!
    i hope i am worthy!