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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mi nombre

Sormbardy call' me Guido today.

He also said, You mean he ees a reeal cad? You deedn' maghe heem orp arn the Eenterned?

Clearly thees pearson was nard addresseen' me. He was talgheen' to the Wooman.


You know whad thad means, righ'?

Yos because I yam swarthy an' speak weeth a Heespaneec aghsent, my name mos' ob course be Guido.

I yam nard Guido.

My name is DON EstorbodelaBodegaDominicanaheearmeroar:





  1. Hola, hermano! Si, we agree this is not right. Simply not right.
    But, you know, the humans get themselves mixed-up all the time. They are not of the feline tribe;they have no sense of smell and cannot hear well.And just look at some of the food they eat!
    One human did understand; I'm sure your wooman knows this

  2. Lo siento mucho, hermano! Guido?! Neber! What a cretin ... I hope the Wooman set him straight. Anyone who looks at you can tell you are a beeg, blag Dominican cad ... not an Italian kitty. (G&S are right about Mr. Eliot ...)

  3. Woah! I heard you roar all the way over here. That last photo of you is very intimidating. I had to Google Guido to find out what it means!! You are definitely NOT Guido. What an insult. We are getting very cosmopolitan on this blog, what with Cuban, Italian, British (that's me) and South African (that's your wooman). I even had to look up the meaning of Hermano! And are Geiger y Sporran actually Scottish?!! Better roar again, Storbie so you can be sure to come out on top!

  4. Said to my 5 guys 'why cant you lot run a blog and write stuff'
    All looked up from their plates with blank stares and said 'more chicken please' which was a thrill as they've never ever said please before.

  5. OK. And clearly those pansies in the pictures are NOT related to you, man!

  6. Estorbo
    Next time you see this guy who called you Guido, you must SCRATCH him!
    What a cheek.

  7. Oh you handsome devil. I especially love your expression in photo #4.

  8. Don Es, what an insult.."Guido"? Has someone been watching Jersey Shore? Possibilimente Michelangelo o Lorenzo di Medici ma non Guido!

  9. And I love your attitude in # 5. And 6. Oh, and 7. Wait a minute, they're all the same...

  10. You definitely don't look like a "Guido" to me.

  11. omg how cute! thanks for visiting I HAVE CAT! i don't speak spanish but i still love your site!

  12. I am friends with Guido the eyetailyun cad an he has a fezbook page an a blorg an a gazette. He is smart and has a good catitude an eben does humanitahrian worghk for de peples.

    I had a Guido Luigi cad, he looghed sort of like you - but weeth a whide moostach and he had de same cattitude. He was smard an control de house and had grande fanghs - an he bide me to show me whose boss. He lepd me yust befor de 9/11 - I mees heem.

    Bud clearly you are nard a Guido - you are donestorbodelabodegadominicana - dayeen dayoud.

    yo comprende

    gohd eet