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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Eed can only ged bedhair

Well, that's whad I say. The Wooman, she says, Estorbo, you know eed can always ged worse.

No, I say, Northeen' ees worse than weareen' kaka clothes 24/7. Yessepd maybe goeen' to the ved. Wheech happen' AS~WELL!

Forghe 2009. An' thees all happen een December?! Excesseeb. Geeb a cad a braghe.

I could nebbhair ged a greep arn theen's...

Gracias a dios por people weeth brains, como Meess Ellen who sen' me the dry shreemp muy delicioso. I only hab four lefd, Ellen. The Wooman has been eenstrorcted to buy more. Mos' she go to Chinatown?An' the CATtorneys, who made beeg seddlemen' weeth Nedfleeghs arn my behalp...

The red coad. Gard.

I hade the red coad. Eed maghes carnstreection por my tormmee.

Ees made por Medium Darg.

Then I go the ved.

Sabe me, Papa.

I ged peells. An' snaghs to help wash them down.

Sormtimes they pood the bebe clothes arn me, because I cannard make the good yompa een the red coad.

An ad las' I yam allow to corm oud weeth no clothes. Bod I feel shy.

Doan' LOOGH ad me!

I mos remain corbered!


Yos when I theenk eberytheen' ees OK (OK?), they pagh a suitcase.

An' LEAB ME!!!!

Bod then they crom bag, weeth presen's por me.

Por me? All these papehair ees por me?!

Gracias! I weell keell eed now.

And so it goes. Me an' the Yoomans.

Dayeen. Dayoud.

Sormbody sweetch arff the lighds.


  1. That's a very good 2009 recap' Don Estorbo. A little self-centered, but honest and open-minded. For 2010, I hereby declare that I will increase your daily pellet ration, starting tonight. You get two more pellets every time you let me sleep until 6 AM. Day in, day out.

  2. Sisko and Seven have both agreed to share a few more of their shrimp with you, Don Estorbo. May they get you through the coldest days.

  3. We want to send you some chicken necks, but Dinah says the UPS will not allow it.
    So we suggest your Wooman buys some for you.

  4. It's a tough life, Estorbo! I don't like the red coat either, it doesn't do you justice. You have sea green eyes. Need to find something to match. And Beence is only going to give you two more pelleds??? I'd wake him at four a.m. to show my disgust at that offer!

  5. yeah, life is hrrd, my brrthrr. what with the staying warm-n-dry in the howse; the constant pressurrr ta eet treets; helth covrrage; nip, an toys, an scratcha logs ta keep in gude orrdrr; an god noes whatall. and then thrr's that constant streem of kair an affektion ta bee suffrrd throo. yeah, life's harrd, my brrthrr but, sumhow, we endurr.

    best in the noo yeer, hermano. all the best in the noo yeer.