blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Hexercise your bode!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hexercise your bode!

Ged oud an' bode por the Blag Cad.

You can do eed!


  1. 'Storbie...

    This isn't a bit of kitty porn, is it?


  2. Hey, while you were asleep some really great things happened, Estorbito! Extra ration of half and half for you tonight! :-)

  3. CAttorneys - anytheen' to ged oud the bode.

    Beence - I was nard sleepeen'. I was weenneen'!

  4. What are you doing? Airing your white hair? You call that exercise? Bah, today I forgive you, black is beautiful!

  5. Yes We Can! we supported the black cat (but then we heard the darling little girls are going to get a d.a.r.g....another d.a.r.g. in the White House, who needs?!)

    quiltcat's Cats

  6. hope you don't mind Estorbo...I used your picture over at my blog today.... "chilleen" ... and thanks for a fun blog to"beeseet"'s warm and fuzzy and fun over here.....

  7. Seegreed - white hair needs to be aired or eed torns bag to blag. I need reliep odderwise I woul' deesappear carmpleedly ad nighd.

    Queeltcad - tell me abou' deed! A d.a.r.g. I hope, een the speereet ob recarnceeleeation, they also ged a cad. Hm. Maybe we wride peteetion?

    Bomblebee, I yam honoured, de nada. Cheelleen'. We agree, the world ees so full ob ordure, as my deear, lade frien' Ambrosius the Breeteesh Blue use' to say, thad we need places where we corm to escape the shouts and waileen's ob eemageened deestress.

    Eenstead you ged the shouds an' waileen's ob DON Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana screameen' por his pelleds.