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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Keeller keeddee

Weeth thanks to Oncle Reg an' the Cape Geengers een Paarl por thees veedeo...


  1. Cute video! i do not like the inkjet printer...especially 'cause it goes off right by my ear when i'm on her lap. Maybe i should learn to fight back instead of just hopping down and running away?

    Who are your ginger friends? They are beautiful cats too.

    Your friend,

  2. The Paarl Pusskins are, indeed, very handsome.
    Dinah had a cat that ripped the paper as it came off the printer...until one day, the printer jammed and made a loud noise just as Cat raised his paw for the death blow. He never did it again.

  3. QC, I mean Louie! - the geengers are Geenger, Roob, and Reeckee. They leeb weeth the Aunt an' Oncle ob the Wooman...

    Rosty: I weel tell the Paarl Pooskeens.

    I doan' know abou' preenters.

  4. Hey, Estorbo! You know what, I have seen that video and can relate because I have had to give the humans' printer an attitude adjustment on more than one occasion. It's my job.

    The female human took one look at the ginger kitties from Cape Town and made squealy noises. She has a thing for ginger kitties. And speaking of Cape Town kitties, how is the lovely Miss Kehdi?

    Your friend,

  5. Hilarious!! If I can figure it out I would like to pass it on to my son who loves cats too. Smart Kitty!!