blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Who ees Teephair?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who ees Teephair?' whad ees she?

A keedee? My Wooman ees takeen' peectures ob an order keedee?? Hey!

She leebs arn Larng Island (Wrarng Island, say the Wooman) ad Leuthardt's Norsairy where ees bein' grown fruid trees and booshes. She cadges the rattas and rattons. She ees a worgheen keedee. Bod she LORFS yoomans.

Eef you are a yooman, she weell corm ronneen' eef you cry, TEEPHAIR! here she ees ronneen' through the blueberry booshes.

She has blag feed, como yo. An' a preedy smile.

Here she ees ronneen' again. Blordy easy cad.

You woan' cadgh ME roneen'.

I theenk the Wooman ees een lorf. Sneeff.


  1. Don't worry Estorbo, you'll always be King de la Bodega. But. Yeah, maybe you could work on the running. It does impress most humans...

  2. Ron? Are you mad?

  3. Oye gatón, no te dije "run" sino "ron"! Aunque, quizás tengas razón pues al los seres humanos, el ron les impresiona también bastante. ;-)

  4. Como no entiendes? "But why is the ron gone?"

  5. Estorbo, most handsome black cat in the world, don't you worry your pretty head. The Wooman loves you. Why else would she give you pellets and fish?