blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: My wonnerfool day, OK?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My wonnerfool day, OK?

The Wooman say, Estorbo? I say, Jhes? I mean, Si?

I mos' brosh you, she say.

OK, I say, thees I lighe: especial weeth the bluebrorsh frarm my brorders. Yos you hab to know when to starp, OK?

OK, she say. Bod you are berbery hairy.

Starp! I cry!: I feel eed een my bones: I yam gone-a heet you!!!

Dios mio. I hide. Go zoom yourselb.

OK. Time to go oud.

Yom. Grass!

More grass!


Why ees all thees sheet here, I as'? Thees ees a peeg sty! How can I be esspeghted to enjoy myself een the fresh air weeth all thees mess?

Shortorp, cad, she say: I yam gardeneen'.

Okie dokie, I say, then maybe you know, you need a hose? To water las plantas (byoteefeec smile)?

Hab you close' the DOOR??? I wan' to corm een! Thees fresh air ees keelleen' me!


  1. Don Estorbo, I'm confused... You're obviously very black, yet the hair that comes off you is... grey, not to say lily colored. Uh... You getting old, man!

  2. Do you hab a ..prarblem...weeth me?

  3. Nah, no problem. :-) I like you just the way you are. :-) Going to take raccoon pictures now. Would you like one for desert?

  4. Beence, you'll just have to get with the programme - grey is the new black!!