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Saturday, February 23, 2008

White sheet

See the nice warm, welcormeen' weendow acrarss the way? Si? I do too.
The Wooman put me een the snow. Why? Because she thought I would loo' fonny. Eed was cole': 1-800-SPCA? Hello? My feed are forgheen' FREEZEN, man!
Bod tonigh' the moon ees full, nearly, an' I weell eenbestigade the roop. I hab nard cheghed arn my carckroach sorply por a larng time. Fors' I weell reep hor coad eento small shreds an' maghe boods. Then I weell pagh a heep flask. Where the hell ees my heep? Hm. Ees small prarblem. OK - wadebber. Rom and meelk aroun' my negh, then. An' eento the snow I go.
I need protein whad doesn't carm een a bag.


  1. LOL. It took me a while to understand your accent, Don Estorbo, but it seems like you have a good plan.

    But really, when one can no longer see his... hip, it's time to go on a diet... ;)

  2. WHOSE side are you arn, man???