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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A messayge frarm an angry (sad?) cad

dear don es

this is me kehdi. i em a blek-footed efrican ket. do you hev vince? he left. i want him bek.

you see this house is full ov dogs. vince sed they looked like catterpillas. he's right. everyone loves the dogs, worms, whatevva. except me. selina and my mom love the dogs. the one dog visits selina and [ Ed. this part censored to protect human in question] now selina loves the dog. selina used to love me. i need to ride on shouldas. vince had nice shouldas. they were big and long and i stayed up there a long time. he luvd me. and i luvd him. then he left, why. please don es, you dont need him. send him bek. if you can't make him come bek can you send marie? she hed a nice long lep. i like leps, too.

frarm kehdi (ps i am only a small ket)

Sheet. whad do I say to thees poor cad? Eed breengs tears to my eyes. Dargs. Who needs them?

Kehdi, Beence eesn't here. He ees gardknowswhere. I weell hab my people, I mean cads, tragh the motherf [Ed. deleted to protect the cat in question] down. Bod when we fine' heem we are goeen' to hab to share, OK? Ok. And M-m-ma...M..sheet: The Wooman. You can hab hor.

Hasta luego, leedle blag fooded cad. Hang (heheheh) een there.


  1. Message for Kehdi: you can ride my shoulder anytime. I'll be back, keep an eye out for me. Oh, yeah, sorry, well, keep an ear out for me then...

    Message for the Don: the only thing bigger than your mouth, my dear, is your heart. I mean, offering to share me, and volunteering the woman... Wow, I'm all tears... But speaking of your mouth, you chose: should I bring soap or fish?

  2. ....


    . - .............. . . .


  3. The only thing bigger then Bobo's heart is its stomach. (Only it's muuuuuuuuuuuch bigger.)

    Bobo: whew! man that was a long thinking bout. You must be exhausted. Done for. I suggest a long nap to recuperate.