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Monday, March 19, 2007

Whadda weeken'

So eed was bery cole' here een Brookleen las' weeken'... I had a seemply marbellous time yompeen' een the snow. Nard! My Meesers clime' orp to the roop to taghe peecture ob the terrace, an' she cooghed por me a deleecious cheecken weethoud bones. No, doan' as' me how. I yam a cad. I cannard coogh. I ead.

I was soppose' to work arn my Miaomoirs again bod I was lazee an' deedn'. I yab edited mos'e ob my laiders to Ambrose, dadeen' frarm 2001, bod my Gard, my spelleen' ees bad. Eben I canard read ead. So the Wooman mos' help me.

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