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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


So the parents ob my Meesers, and the yoomans who leeb een the house een Cape Town weeth my frien's Andre Khamel (tabbee) an' Khedi (tabbee, seester ob Khamel - she theenks she ees a blag-fooded Afreecan cad. Bod she ees nard. Tabbee) - also weeth a darg, Ben, an' two order poossies, Welleengton (known as Thad Cad) an' Spook, who ees whide. Whad was I sayeen'...? I gard larst. Oh yes! The yoomans are porchaseen' two parpies: corgees. Corrently the corgees are leebeen' weeth their morder, bod een two weeghs they arribe een Cape Town. Here ees peecture. I could taghe these leedle dargs oud weeth one swipe ob my lefd paw, man. You bark ad me, you go DOWN!

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  1. Oh Estorbo - I can understand your reluctance towards befriending dogs. But maybe it's just that you haven't met the right dogs yet? You should meet my dog Max. He absolutely loves cats (see, he has good taste). Although I am absolutely sure you could take out any of the dogs on your blog with one swipe. Your woman has told me how virile you are! And thank you for putting a link to my blog on yours. This is the first time I've been recognized by a cat!