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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spook, RIP: Guest post by the Woman

Spookie was eighteen. She was taken to the vet on Friday with chronic kidney failure. After keeping her overnight the vet recommended euthanasia. My poor father went to hold Spookie's paw. Spook did not go gentle into that good night. She always did rage at the vet's. My dad buried her in the garden. He is bereft.

These are all pictures taken in the last four years, on my trips to Cape Town. Somewhere in envelopes in my parents' house are photos of me with kitten-Spook upside down in my arms, passed out, and I remember her sleeping in my long hair, a white kitten on the white pillow, snuggled up rather alarmingly in my red hair.

We fetched the tiny kitten from the elderly lady who bred British Short Haired Chinchillas in her house in a nearby suburb. She was sitting with a brother and sister in an armchair, quite adorable. The lady lost interest in us when she heard that Little Silver Snow was going to be a pet. A mere pet.

After her relaxed start, Spookie's life was dominated early on by the bully tactics of Minkey the Tiger Cat, herself an extraordinarily unforgettable Abyssinian, since departed and also buried in the garden. While the household , and especially my mother, mourned lovely, chirruping Minkey's passing, Spook perked up, and came out from under the bed.

Instead of hiding from terrifying Minkey, she ate breakfast with my father, early in the mornings, before he left for chambers. He always started with fruit, and if it was spanspek (canteloup) or pawpaw (papaya), she would sit up and beg for some, and would be fed tidbits on pieces of his morning paper.

Spookie adored asparagus and would beg for these at dinner time, balancing expertly on her hind feet and dangling her front paws beatifically while shark-biting the hand that fed her. Green beans were delicious, and she would often be bobbing up and down for half of dinner into begging position until my father swatted her away with impatience. She loved to hear the Cow ping when the white stuff was warm. And only Spook would know what that means.

Some years ago poor Spook started to have nightmares where she would start to miaow loudly in her sleep to the point where we would all wake up and rush to try and calm her. Waking up her head would pop out of her curled up "ball" position and she'd say, Prrrp? in a very surprised manner. What's the fuss about? Dreaming of Minkey's claws stomping the carpet.

Never in sight during the years of the Reign of Minkey, Spookie stopped spooking and became the social lunch cat, always joining anyone eating under the tree in the garden, or on the patio.

Loved by her Pa, who adored her almond eyes and loud purr and regular head bumps, she slept on a special cushion on his desk at home, and often on the bed at night.

I never thought it would be Spook I would not see again when I left Cape Town early this year. She was as light as a feather, but seemed immortal.


  1. Estorbo's Wooman, the human and I are so very sorry to learn of Spook's passing. She was a beautiful cat and, we know, much loved. I send you and your family many gentle purrs.

    Bast speed, Spook...

  2. So sad to lose these old seemingly-immortal ones, who, like my old Kevin, tick along for years, fragile but with never a thought of giving up a moment before it's absolutely necessary.

    A lovely little cat; I'm sorry to hear about her passing on.

  3. ahh spook. she had my hart frrst i saw hrr. poor pa to be so sad aftrr so long with hrr. dear pa to lov hrr so much to give hrr a gentl endng. may it be so fur alla us whn itz tyme.


  4. That's such a lovely tribute. What a enchanting creature she was.

  5. From all the animals left here - we know that a presence is missing.
    Our "Pa" is very, very sad.

  6. what a lovely tribute to Spook. I am so sad to hear that she has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. It is such a hard thing to let one of our beloved cats go, but what a mercy that we can end their suffering. Isn't it funny how one cat can bloom after the departure of another... My deepest sympathies to your whole family, especially your father.
    Paula and the quiltcats

  7. Losing a beloved pet is hard. I hope there's a new Spook in your family's life. Thanks for the sweet tribute.

  8. Lovely Spookie reminded me of a snow owl... :-)

  9. Thank you Ikaika ^^

    Poor Kevin, Rachel...he sounded like a wonderful cat (I read about him on your blog).

    Gracias, Hallow een - I knew you would be sad.

    Blog Princess, love your new pic, and thank you.

    Kehdi, Khamel, Maggie, Ted, Ben and maybe Wellington - be extra nice to the el Puerco Grande, OK?

    Paula and the Quiltcats, thank you so much...

    Pam - I think there may be :-) at least I hope so.

  10. Like other bloggers, I am sad to read this.I hope your family, especially your Pa, can take some comfort from us all.

  11. Ah the head bumps...those are treasured moments. I feel your pain. We lost Kyra more than 2 years ago and I still miss her. The garden is a wonderful resting place; I know Kyra lives on in ours:

  12. we are so sad. we send our love to all those who will be missing Spook, the beauty.

    -karen and henry

  13. my condolences. these creatures we share life with are inestimable companions.

  14. Such a spectacular beauty. Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

  15. What a beautiful and indeed sociable cat. Such a sad loss for one so beautiful to leave and go to the Happy Hunting Grounds where the Great Mother Cat cares for her new kittens.

    But one day, she too will return as a new kitten and another set of nine lives.

  16. What a cat. She's why we love them so.

  17. She was a truly beautiful cat. Condolences from all!

    Speedy passage over Rainbow Bridge, Spooky!


  18. Dinahmow

    Thank you to all you cats and cat lovers...I will let her Pa know that you are holding his virtual paw.

  19. Spook, you were gawjiss, and very clearly were deeply loved.

  20. Boo and I bow our heads in silence for Spookie.