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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kehdi orpdade

I know Meess Kehdi has sorm fans (hola Ikaika), so I wan' to pose' a peecture ob hor frarm Cape Town.

She says she ees tired, bod alibe.

An' she says eberyone was so worried abou' hor, Kehdi, bod eed was Spook whad keecked the borcket forst.

She says, Jus' sayin.

Obbioosly no fozzy feeleen' there...


  1. You are just too funny for words! Hope Kehdi keeps hanging in.

  2. Thanks for the update and picture, hermano.

    Miss Kehdi, you look as lovely as ever to this tabby boy ...

  3. Hang in there Khedicat. Two cats giving up the ghost in a row would be too hard on the humans..

  4. Kehdi, you are looking better than in your last picture...perhaps you are eating a little bit better. That's a lovely comfy pillow that you's hoping that you remain in good health and can enjoy ruling the feline roost for a while.