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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eed's my borthday

...arn Tuesday, the Fourth ob Augus'. More or less.

I yam torneen'......ten. I doan' wan' to faze eed.


  1. now hevvens forfend such scarsity of yooth.
    chin up, hermano. there may sardines innit fer ya. wich cud be alrite az long az nobuddy sings.

    an many mor, bro, many many more.


  2. pfft, Estorbo, 10 is the new 5, you're still a young cat in the prime of life! Enjoy your birthday, and hopefully the wooman will remember and provide you with a special treat. N

  3. You're still a young and handsome cate at 10 Estorbo, my old black cate Raffles didn't cross the Rainbow Bridge until he was 19 so lots of years ahead of you yet. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, hope you get some good presents. A dish of prawns maybe? :)

  4. Ten? You are just coming into your power. And you will become even more handsome and imposing too. I hope you get a proper birthday dinner - not pellets! Many Happy Returns.

  5. Happy Birthday, hermano!!! So you are a Leo, too ... just like my human. (Her birthday is today.) I wish you lots of pelleds and fresh sardines, amigo! Oh, and another T-Mobile envelope ...

  6. Hola! We all send you lots of hermano-love.
    Rusty says: Ten? Phooey! I am 17. Or maybe 18.
    Demand sardines and enjoy.

    Rusty, Geiger & Sporran

  7. felicidades don estorbo. tu eres muy guapo y chevere.
    no viejo. xoxoxkaren and henry (enrique)

  8. trebor an h h huwiAugust 4, 2009 at 2:01 AM

    hapi hapi birthdae broder - we sent you an email, we love you estorbo, we are 10!!! BEEG Black Catzzzzz! XXXX t and H

  9. Feliz Cumpleanos Estorbo! Hope you get extra pelleds, lots of chin scratches, a nice sun spot to relax in and a new T-Mobile envelope!

  10. Feliz cumpleanos Don Estorbo. You are an impressive cat and deserve the finest gifts on your birthday.

  11. Halloween, poot the boogh down, man! Muchas gracias, my frien'...^^

    No forgheen sardines, you'll see, you'll see.

    QC - gracias! eeeeeeeeeeeep.

    Rowarn - 19! Eghsellent. Gracias!

    Rachel...pelleds EES prarphair borthday deenhair!!! Gracias ^^

    Ikaika, hermano! Leo como Keli'i, eeeep! happy Borthday, Keli'i!

    Rosty?? You are sebenteen? Felicidades.

    Trebor an' H-h-h-huwi!!!! My bordhairs!!!!!! I meess you! Happy Borthday! Your Wooman beeseeted you!

    Karen, muchas gracias...x =^^=

    Hey, Porro. Hombre, I deed ged a new enbelope! ^^ Gracias!

    Ellen, por fabor pleease tell the Wooman thees. She has bizarre idea ob geetf. All I wanted was PELLEDS!

    Now where are my order brordhairs, Lennie an' Sollie???

  12. oops, jus remmbrrd that yer wooman goze in fer singin' -- or used too. no offense meant [an nun taken, i hope]
    Mine allus wanted ta be a singer, but jus beetween us, she aint got enny talunt fer it.

    watin to heer abowt the sardeenze.