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Sunday, August 16, 2009

My throne

The Wooman sen' the chairs away. Then they came bag, five weeghs ladehair. Weeth a MAN! I heed behine' the fileen' cabinets.

The chairs had been re orp hole staired, said the Wooman.

Whad deed they do to deserb thad, I as'?

I lighe them. The Wooman say she weell keell me eef I maghe scratcha arn them.

Me? Maghe scratcha arn a chair?

Do I loogh como un barbarian to you?


  1. yummm she picked a gorgeous color that sets off your fur perfectly, Estorbo! do we see a teeny tiny urge to stick a claw into the edge there?

  2. I plead the fifth!
    I do believe that the Woooman chose those colors just so you would look regal. That second photo is a winner!
    Estorbo, you have her right where you want her. (Wrapped around that little claw).

  3. Scratchas just appear by themselves, Estorbo; doesn't the Wooman know that?

    And those lovely chairs will look all the better for them. So my cats say, anyway.

  4. I'm thinkin' Halloween in August.......

  5. thanks for the reminder i need to pick up my vintage scratcha-scratcha from the re-upholsterer.

  6. You? Make scratcha on the newly up hole staired chair? Pfffftttt!!!

    And you do look muy guapo sitting on that chair ... those colors really show off your beautiful black furs! I agree with Karen L --Halloween in August!

  7. whutz all this talk bowt halloween in awgusst? Mine's got halloween alla tyme -- anna gud thing that iz all arownd.

  8. oof. finly get the hnang a not be annonnymouse and the masheen trrns on ya. . .
    ennyway, thass me asking abowt the seesuns.

  9. Deny everything... in fact deny anything on principle and just in case!

    You, a civilised cat who has kept the place safe from T Mobile bills an' suchlike?

    If the chairs decide to get scrachas that is their fault and nothing to do with you at all.

  10. Congrats on the new chairs Estorbo! My feline boys, Gus and Oliver, are eagerly awaiting the replacement of some of their favorite, but old carpeting. Will they pee on it in the same corner after I replace it? Most certainly. I know this is their house, not mine.

  11. You are the picture of feline innocence.

  12. I came to your blog by checking on who else had "Aocalypse Now" as a favorite movie. So I had a peek and was amused at what we have in common: talking cats. I invite you to have a peek at my blog "Grendel and Me" Hope you find it amusing as well. Cheers, Bernie