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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bench presseen'

Led's faze eed: norn ob ors are geddeen' any younghair, righ'? Righ'...

The Wooman ees walkeen' aroun' the house como un crab because she hord hor negh, como? - For's, Friday, she peeck orp sorm heaby plantas. Then she was pulleen' oud a ber' torf weed een a part arn the roop, where she had to maghe stretcha to reach. Now? She ees sideways.

So, I hab started plan ob agshion, weeth traineen' ob orphair bardee strength tarp prioreety.

Ees reseestance traineen', and es muy esshausteen'. Afthair thees I need to sleeb thorteen hours.

Aluta continua.

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  1. Hi Estorbo. We keep trying to persuade quiltcat that we are excellent exercise partners (stretch, snooze, stretch, chase, snooze, snack, snooze...). We hope your action plan helps the Wooman's neck/shoulder feel better.