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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cads por Clonkhairs program

Doan' eben theenk ob cormeen' near me, Wooman. I weel heet you arn the head an' destroy your braincell.

I hord whad you wor sayeen'.

You said you wan' to trade een theese cad: thees cad whad ees a pelled-gozzleen', leetthair barx polluteen' clonkhair.You wan' to buy weeth the cash you ged por these cad, a new keetten: un gatito muy pequeno whad can be trained to sleep, ead nicely, miaow prophair.

Worn whad dors nard waghe you orp een the meedle ob the nighd sayeen' Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedmenooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!

You know what they DO weeth the clonkhairs???


I yam arn guard.


  1. Cads por clonkhairs indeed! My husband expressed exactly the same sentiment two days ago when he was cleaning out the litter box! You stay on guard. If she had a kitten just think what would happen to her beautiful new chairs. Kittens scratch and bite and they're not always appropriate with their kitti-litter box! You need your kitty lawyers now!

  2. Bod where ARE my keety lawyers...they hab desorted me!!!

  3. hang in, my brothrr. iffen yur hyoomuns get a noo plase ta live, there'll probly be doors. 'prrblum' solved. at leest, frum thair standpoynt. at leest, one a the 'prrblums.'

    not so fonda doors, my self. hyoomuns with doors take eggstra traynin. but, ya noe, we can onlee do whut we can do.

    stay cool,

  4. It will not happen, hermano.We, the free-thinking cats of the world will rise up and wreak a most terrible vengeance upon her/him/them.*
    We have sent out whisker-vibes to Neeko and Marzipan. All will be resolved. (There may even be some feeshy compensation.Maybe)In the meantime, hang on to that meat pounder!

    *We found these words in a book of D's and they looked impressive.

  5. We're here, 'Storbie. Been in the deserts of Arizona, hunting lizards, mice, and rabbits. A CATtorney's holiday.

    How may we be of service?

  6. It's important to have good CATtorneys -- I'm glad to see they came through. I would just like to echo to the Wooman what ChrisJ said about kittens: they are messy, plus they climb curtains and screen doors! And they play THOE (thundering herd of elephants) during the humans' sleeping time. The WHOLE apartment will become a cat toy!

    Hope this helps ...

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  8. Hallow een, hermano - man, they hab doors already...whad I need ees a door weeth a larck.

    Angel, I yam beecious beyon' beliep...

    R G y Sporran - you hab been watcheen' Polp Feection again, habn' you?

    Neko!!! Marzipan!! Where hab you been??? I though I was weethoud legal sosteenance! Eeeeeep.

    So. I wan' to keell the Wooman. I need a goo' corbhair story.

    Alternateeb: harassmen' by Wooman agains' me, Don Estorbo etc etc, by mentioneen' Keettens. Age deescreemenation?

    You gard any leftobehair rabbeed? ^^

    Ikaika, tellmeaboudeed. NO Keettens!

  9. I have a better idea 'Storbie. Get a kitten! Suddenly, you will appear like a quiet, well-behaved, reliable cat. And then the kitty can be blamed for everything! You're safe! GRRRRReat idea.