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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The toy

Thees ees...T.h.e T.o.y.

Onteel now I hab been reloctant to share eed weeth the Worl'...eed ees so special. Eed aghdeevades me een a way no toy has aghdivaded me before. Eed ees wonnerful. Unighue. Eentreegueen'. Outrageous. Cabteebadeen'. Beguileen'. Transfeexeen'. I wan' to KEELL EED!

Again, an' again. An' again.

Worn more time, Keell, keell, keell, DIE, T-MOBILE ENBELOPE! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You see the leedle weendow een eed? Eed maghes craghlenoise lighe whad dribe me crazee. I yam a yonkie. Beence has to pood me onner the blue kikoi arn the bed, and pulls the enbelope obehair my head, and frarm eenside the kikoi I lash oud, kerPOW! powpowpowpowpow...


Sormtime' I lash so fas' I cadge the Hermano weeth my claw, now the Toy has blord arn eed. An' I yam berbery worried (smallboice). The Toy ees geedeen' smallhair. Do you theenk T-Mobile weell sen' me sorm more?

Nedfleeghs ees dead. LARNG LEEB T-MOBILE, LARNG LEEB!!!!!


  1. Ah, the best toys are the ones with blord on (or in) them....

  2. *cough cough* *snicker* *cough cough* ermmm...yes...Estorbo, no worries, buddy, T-Mobil will make sure you have a monthly supply of fresh envelopes to kill...