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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cad een the weendow

Sheed. A man een a had.

The Smoothman freaghue' oud when the Wooman leds me seed arn the weendow seell, you know, ou'side, weethoud the bogscreen een place. He only allow me to seed een open weendow behine' the bogscreen.


I ain' no forgheen' bog!

So the Wooman led me seed here sometime, bod she stay weeth me, because she know I could maghe-a yompa to the stebs, behine' me.

Doan' tell the Smoothman. Por a calm person, he go heestereecal when he know I seed here. Wabes arms como un ween'meel.

Whad ees over there???

I cou' squash thad rad!!

Deed you call a cab???

Forgheen' bords!!!

Dayeen. Dayoud.


  1. An important part of this free-Storbie experiment might be to have a very large bag of Greenies nearby, to bring to a sudden end any thoughts of roaming.

    PS: Lookin' good, hermano!

  2. Storbie, I love you! Free, yus lighe at Henree Streed. (Smoothman + me = weend farm!)

  3. My human is also part of the weend farm. Freak out!

  4. You can rant all you want Storbie, you are not a street cat, never were, never will be. You really would lose much of your charm, flattened by a car in the middle of the road after freaking out from sensory overload...

  5. Gorgeous you are Estorbo! your viewpoint is far better there than on the street

  6. I'm with Beence - I'm freaking out all the way from Nova Scotia !!
    Love you Storbie xoxoxo Susan & les Chats de Rue LeNoir

  7. Hello Estorbo
    This is Dipstick (or Deepsteek you might say). I went roaming the other day and had a terrible experience. Fell into a garden pit with the highest walls and no way out. The people were away and my people couldn't hear me. I yowled for four days before MomAndrea rescued me. She came with that fur-bag hound called Charlie but I didn't mind. I am now recuperating at home, eating very small meals. Please send me more extensive details about that bug thingy. Perhaps I can have it installed at the Garden of Despair.