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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Sonday. Ees so boreen'. Nobardy play weeth me. Anyway, I yam seeck ob streeng.

Maybe I go to the cornhair chorch y seeng garspel weeth the beeg microphone y eempresseeb robes. I bed they nebber hear Domeeneecan garspel. Neghs door to the chorch there ees good barbecue. Bod the Wooman tell me I yam allergeec to pork. She loogh ad all the yooman meals an' fine' I ead pork teedbeeds before each recen' orpchock episode. Pork charps worntime, y pork tendhairloin the order. WTF?

You theenk?

I doan' know why. Perhaps I yam Musleem. Or Jeweesh? I yab an Arabeec nose.

Ladely we are eadeen' lamb. So I yam A-OK.

Yawn. Maybe I go y wadge bord TV arn the terrace. There are preedy leedle red worns... I theenk they tasde lighe ras'berries.

I doan' eed ras'berries.

Ees there a bord whad tasdes como mango? Or moshroom?

Forgheen' bords.


  1. Sorry to hear that, hermano. I love pork. When the human male eats some, he gives me a little treat. ( The human female doesn't eat pork ... pffft. More for me and the male.) That surely is a pretty little bird ... maybe it tastes like strawberries or tomatoes instead of raspberries. Worth a try ...

  2. Sorry, Estorbo. All forgheen' bords tasde lighe ras'berries; no eeteng dem. Just wadge bord TV.

  3. Poor ‘Storbito! Making changes to your diet, especially when they’re not your idea, can be so tiresome. Our Spenser can’t keep any meat down except organic baby food chicken or turkey. You two are such sensitive guys. Enjoy your bird TV.