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Thursday, February 13, 2014

We hab sonk to a new low

Dios mio.

I went to sleeb y when I woghe orp eed was 1972.

The Wooman bough' a forgheen' shag rog.

Ees FAUX FORR! she tell me.

Sure. Whadebber you say, I say.

Am I een a porn mobie?

Me ad your fron door: Ees there  a prarblem weeth your keetchen seenk?


Nebberlheless, ees kine' ob soft, a beet like p...

ESTORBO! she yell.

Me: Can a cad nard speagh his mine?

NO! she say. A cad cannard.


Welcorm to the USS forgheen' R.


  1. Well, that's a different look for the apartment! What has gotten into the Wooman?

  2. Nooo! What has she done to the cashmere? Watch out for incoming flokati, my friend...

  3. it's back in style.... just like macrame......