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Sunday, July 15, 2012


I doan' onnerstan'.

The Wooman knows I lighe to ead the mangos. I LORB the mangos.

So she plants the forgheen' strawberries.

I doan' ead forgheen' strawberries.

I ead las frutas tropicas. Mango, papaya, eben kiwi. Also the ribe peach y plom.

So she plan' the blueberries y the forgheen' whide corrants. She plan's the blag raspberries.

Whad the forgh?

Whad does a cad hab to do to ged sorm edeeble fruit aroun' here?

Eberyworn say to hor, Ooh, whad a nice terrace you hab. So prrrrrreeedy! So small! So many plantas! Whad a cude cad!

Bod eed is USELESS! There ees northeen' I can forgheen' ead!!!! The cad is HONGREE!

Madre di Dios.

You know the Nuevo York forgheen' Times came to beeseet?

Deed they as' whyporquewhy there ees no mango tree???


Who trains these people?

I retire een deesgost to the roop.

Maybe I call The Nuevo York Pose'. I hab a scandal to sell them:

Een Brooklyn, where eberybardy has a farm y forgheen' cheeckens, nobardy, - n o b a r d y -  grows fruit por cats.


  1. Ay Dios Mio! Pobrecito, to the barricades!

  2. You know what they say about the shoemaker's children not having any shoes? or the teacher's children being illiterate? poor cat of a gardener, you are without edible fruits! que lastima!

  3. My cat used to like banana, but I never grew him a banana tree.
    He got over it.

    Don Estorbo, you are too much!! LOL

  4. I feel your pain, hermano, but as you say, you eat las frutas tropicas, the operative word being "tropicas". Maybe the problem lies with the location of Nuevo York ... just sayin'.

  5. we beesit NYC las' week. Was hotter than bananas flambe. Too hot to grow tropical froots.

  6. I see the disgust on your face, Estorbo. The entire WORLD knows that you love mango. I don't understand your wooman. How difficult can it be to grow mangoes in New York? Last week I offered mangoes to my leetle donkey boys. They really liked the mangoes, even more than watermelon. It is a treat for everybody....except poor Estorbo who suffers up on the roof.

  7. ai, dios mio! ya want we should call the ASPCA an' report those humans for malnurishin' you?