blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: I gard no caddle

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I gard no caddle


Een the meedle ob my cadde dribe the caddle yomped sheep. Eento the dreenk. 

I hord worn ob them squeaghe as he yomped eento Nuebo York Harbor: Hasta la bista baby!

I thoughd maybe they woul' corm bag. 

Are they homeen' caddle?

Bod they are nard here.

Maybe they are een the catastrophe buildeen' ad the en' ob the blarck?

Hello o  o o o o o o o o o o?

I doan' know whad to do.

Weethoud my hord I doan' know who I am.

Who is Estorbo?

Y whad ees his porpoise in libe?


  1. My goodness, Estorbo, such deep thoughts. Must be the heat and humidity, or a celestial event like the alignment of the sun with neighborhood streets. This feeling will pass.

    As for your caddle, were you ridin' ahead of the herd again?

  2. Deep Thoughts...
    Maybe you need to come to Tejas to see the real caddle country. Don hab beeen in Nuevo York Cuidad too longgggggggg......

  3. Thankin hebbin for mad cads and der
    crazee hoomins.


  4. Oh dear, caddle are so fickle. They have gone in search of greener pastures...errrr, rooftops. Never mind, Estorbo, you will have a new herd sometime soon. In the meantime, hang a hammock and enjoy the breezes of the terrace, dreaming of the caddle drives of your youth.

  5. Don Estrobo, come to Central Texas...we will find some caddle to dribe...Be careful in the construction on the roof...

  6. Whad orn Orth ees happen' orn the roop?

  7. Buck up, Bucko! They will be back. We all know there is a never-ending supply of caddle out there. It's just a matter of time until they appear again.

  8. Aye! Estorbo--
    the ungrateful wrenches....and to think of all of the time and effort you have put into their lives. As I read this Tino gave a heartwrenching meow, which I first thought was in sympathy for you. No, he tells me, caddle come, caddle go, but his dinner was NOT what he expected. (I note that it is all gone, however.)

  9. You are so loved Estorbo - you keep many of us company and we keep you in our hearts!

  10. All cad, no caddle, or something like that. Pero, no te preocupes, hermano. Your breed of caddle always come back. When they do, I will reiterate my suggestion of trying to find CFDs*.

    *Carkroach flotation debices

  11. estorbo you are ranging free and king of your rooftop. Have you watched these videos of Henri? I theenk he may be Canadian but he is certainly not very cheerful.

    plus noir que noir