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Friday, January 13, 2012

Dayeen, dayoud

Manana I go the ved.* Een the onnatracteeb grey barx.


They taghe my blord pressure. They taghe my blord. They taghe my pee eef the Smoothman cannard cadge eed I maghe eed deefeecol' por the Smoothman to cadge eed ad home (Idoan'wannatalghabou'deed). They geeb me more peells.

Meanwhile. Where the forgh ees weenthair? Las' time thees year I was een igloo.

*Hombre. My ved wrode to me arn Fazeboogh (ees my Frien'!) - I yam een trouble:

"Dear Estorbo -
As much as I enjoy reading your blog posts, please try to find some time to pull yourself away from typing (pawing?) to have a recheck. I don't like that you are always thirsty and we need to check your typhus and your keedney levels to make sure that you are on your right dose of medications. Make the Smoothman take you in if the Wooman is still away. 
I'm sorry to nag. It's because I love."

Beeg question: weell Dr.Slade KEESS ME, lighe he deed las' time (he tell me ees nard PR, ees because he lorb aneemals)??? You can bode arn sidebar'.


  1. Make 'em work for it ALL, Estorbo!

  2. Ah, yes...the igloo.It was good while it lasted, wasn't it?
    I hope the vet visit is not too horrid.I've sent something that might cheer you.

  3. Of course he will kiss you. Right on the top of your head. My beloved cat headbutted Dr. Kim during her first visit. Dr. Kim kissed her on the top of her head. I knew then that she was the right vet for me (and my cat).

  4. Estorbo this should be a no brainer - you are handsome, fonny, smart and is inevitible that everyone kiss you. Lucky for you we your fans are here in cyberspace - else you would be followed around like other stars.

  5. Jes, whad Terri said! Ju sofhair the wooman y smoothman tagheen peectures ~ carn ju eemageen eef ju had porporazzees weeth their telescorpeec lens? My gard, jur pribacee ees garn. Terreeble! Bod orn a lighdair node I yam sure thees 'Dr. Slade' weel kees ju. How coul' he nod?

  6. Yes, I think he will. And can I say, I love listening to your "Porr".

  7. Of course he will kees you, hermano! My ved keesses me, too. (My ved is a lady.)

  8. Ob corse he weell keees yoo Estorbo. Joo ees eereesisstable.

  9. We will all be anxiously awaiting a report after the vet visit. (I started to say "ved veesid" and then I remembered that I am not Hispanic.)