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Sunday, June 26, 2011

What size shirt for a 20lb cat?

No, doan' paneec, I yam steel naked.

My gard. The Wooman had to tybe the title por me. Eengleesh. Ber' har'. Terreeble language. Lighe cheween' dry pasta.

Ees so Google can fine' me.

Essplanation: Yoomans are arribeen' arn my blarg weeth Google-sorch, "whad size shor' por twenny poun' cad"!

I know you hab seen these peectures, bod sorm people need to know, serious, whad size short por cad. So I yam helpeen'!

So me, arn' my new scale, I yam 17.8lbs, y my shorts are:

 8-12 mornths. Truly. I yab larng legs. You mos' also maghe sleet orndhair the arms por no chafeen', OK? OK.

Anyway, you shoul' NARD poot your cad een shorts por fon. Ees nard fonny! Las' year eberyworn was yelleen', Home Depot! ad me.

I yam nard leeckeen my for arf een 2011. Nard yed. So no short. Gracias a Dios.

So you gard eed? 8-12 months my frien's. Ole' Naby.


  1. Don, would you consider posting i have cat to your blog role? I live in NYC (Manhattan) with my 3 cats!
    thank you!

  2. I support Ihavecat! She's wonderful and you two should know each other!

  3. Orange is definitely your color Storbie.

  4. you's berry, berry 'ansome een dat short, mr. don. we finks you is a model dudecat!!

  5. Ok, I don't understand the reason for the posting, but I think you are very handsome with clothes or nekkid. And I like the photo of you playing with Beence. Can we see a photo of you playing with the wooman?

  6. Cad bonding with Smoothman ... berber' nice!

  7. Estorbo,

    I am glad to hear that your licky-licky-licky problem has not reoccurred. I was concerned because there was that question about allegies to mangos. As to the pant-pant-pant problem, I decided that you were prowling around and slipped, just catching yourself, or some bird thought that you might be a tender morsel and in your flight you injured yourself. Take care - amy & Tino (he who must be obeyed)

  8. LOL, Estorbo. Ees nize ju hab a good sense ob humor.. ad leesd I theen' ju do? an' I commen' ju arn thees porbleek sairbees post, ees goo' ju are a cad weeth a social cornshence. Waid.. whad..?

  9. so ju are nomore catolick lick lick?

  10. I no lighe chafeen' eethor.

    Rowdy the Boxer.