blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Pleease bode por a morg shart.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pleease bode por a morg shart.

1. Whad the forgue?

Pleease bode een the poll arn the lefd por whad peecture you wan' arn a morg...

The captions are sobyeghd to change. We decide ladehair. Also, eef you lighe a peecture frarm the blarg, please tell me wheech posed eed was, y whad dade, OK? OK!

 2. Born een the Yoo Esse Ay.

 3. Go. Away.

 4. I lorb you.

5. Keess me.

6. Sheet.

7. Don Estorbo.

8. Talgh to the paw.

 9. Th.

10. The Paw.

 11. Waghe orp!

12. The Don

13. The keeng ob cads.


  1. Sheet! As you would say...we want to vote, too, but Dinah already voted (number eleven, if you must know) and now we can't vote.
    What happened to democratic rights!

  2. Just one?! I like them all and love about 7.... Will have to choose carefully.

  3. I love them all! 13 is cool. It ain't going to be easy Storbie. I love you shirted :)

  4. *sigh* So much guapo-tude! I love them all...

  5. we'd actually love to see a picture of you on your patio, your "Thees ees me" picture...'cause the hot pink walls and green vegetation make your black furs look especially handsome.

  6. weel ju hab an estorbonami bersion of your morg?

    ok, I like #1 or talk to the paw

  7. Numbhair quatro. I love you, too.

  8. Couldn't possibly choose but it would have to be #3, 4, or 5. Go Away is so typical; Kiss Me is irresistible and I Love You is heart-melting!

  9. Oh my gard, ju espec' to peeghe yos' worn?? I lorbs them orl. I weel hab to theen' abou' thees...I ged baghe to ju.

  10. No 1 !!!!! Storbeeeeee skande !!!!

  11. I bode por numero uno, pero I like them all, hermano.

  12. I made my human vote for #8, of course. And I used my paw to step on her hand when it hovered over the right one. You have enough handsome shots to make a calendar! Some do have 13 months, right?

    Emma the Calico Queen

  13. I vote for you in the green shirt saying, "what the forghe?"

    Too funny!