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Friday, November 26, 2010

Arp Ed

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There ees a gues' pose' I wrode por Geiger y Sporran's blarg een Queenslan'...Well, their barg ees call' Cad Thoughds arn the Worl'....


  1. Amen, hermano. A-forgheen'-men!

  2. agree, biolens nebhair solb anythen' - pelleds an' lob ollways - porhap we should oll taghe nap togedhair

    jur so smard estorbo

  3. Hola! Hermano, many of your friends are agreeing with your post at our place.
    But we are more focussed on food matters. We understand that in America you have a muy grande dinner for Thanksgiving.
    In Australia we do not observe this custom. Are we missing out on something?

  4. Ad firs I was threeled to beets to hear thad Dinahmow ees goin to be your cadseedhair - we hab all been on tenthairhooks hopeen you would be een good hands while the Wooman an the Smoothman veesit anothair conteenan..perhaps she weel eben post some updates on your wellbeeng. Pero primo she weel hab to ged to Brookleen! Now I hab sometheen else to worry about..eet ees nebber easy weeth you, ees eet, Estorbito...eet ees a good theeng you are worth eet!

  5. Estorbo takes one small step toward world peace.

  6. Forgheen 'A' Estobo! Ju says eet perfek'.