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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A messayge

I yam the Don. I yam the Keellhair ob the roop tarps. I yam the Sabagehair ob the Raccoon ob Raccoon House (een whose direction I yam pointeen', always arn the alort), defendhair ob my terrace agains' the beecious, sabadge, orange cad frarm neghs door. I yam DON EstorbodelaBodegaDominicanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: KEENG ob Henry Street, Carbble Heel, Brookleen, Nuevo York, Eas' Cose'.

Yoo ESSE A!!!!!!!


  1. You are so brave Estorbo. I wish you could come protect our chickens from the mean Peregrine Falcon that just moved into the neighborhood, but you can't be everywhere...sigh.

  2. Jislaaik.
    The corgis have run for cover.

  3. You're the King of the Woooorrrllddd...a la Titanic!

  4. YES YOU ARE! I can see your crown shining from here in Virginia.

  5. El rey de la calle! El rey de la mundo! Si se puede!

  6. Estorbo,
    You are the finest black cad in the world! You make my day. I have chickens too, but my cat Jazzy watches over them...calls them her "peeps".
    Did you ever find out who that strange cat belonged to? You are the best hunter and protector in all Brooklyn....stay on that rooftop and behold your kingsom.

  7. oh Don I yam meesing you so.
    No handsome shirt lately, no leeky, leeky ??

    we just voted for the woman's blog

    BleetNess Oliver, & Virgil
    les garcons feline chex Black Street

    word verification "disecty"