blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Maru ees whad kine' cad?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Maru ees whad kine' cad?


Thad cad Maru: Whad kine' ob cad ees he?

Ees he Snowshoe?

He has florff por brains bod the Wooman's mordhair lighe heem. Maybe she wan' a new cad.


  1. We think he is an Exotic Shorthair. Or maybe just Plain Silly.

  2. Exarteec shorthair has sqashface?

    You are ride. Nard snowshoe.

  3. I think he is a Scottish Fold with Normal Ears (not all SF's have folded ears - Wikipedia). Wikipedia says he is a Scottish Fold, but there is some speculation on the web that he isnot a special breed at all.

    He's cute.

  4. I believe Simba is right, hermano. Maru looks like a perk eared Scottish Fold.

  5. He's certainly done a lot for the Scottish Fold, a fairly new category of cat, and he's terribly cute. But he has no sex appeal, Estorbo..... You are still Number One.

  6. Storbie, perhaps you could encourage the Wooman's mother to offer a home to a cat like Maru. The Wooman's parents have had a home filled with many lovely cats. When it's time....

  7. I follow both your blogs & I love the serious Maru too (but not as much as I do you, Don E, obviously).

    [A side comment - I agree with my sister who emailed me only today commenting that Maru lives in an Exceptionally Clean House - then did a compare & contrast game. We both lost]

    I think (and hope) that there will be another cat at the Wooman's mother's very soon - I think that would be good for the household.

  8. Definitely not Snowshoe. They don't have stripes or squashed noses. And they DO have blue eyes.

  9. Maru's person identifies him as a Scottish Fold...our silly woman has been watching many more of the Maru videos...thanks (?) for introducing her to him..she is all squealing about how cute he is but he doesn't do (much) that we don't do.