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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Read the sobteghs, Wooman...I yam nard happy to be een thees red code again.

Bod you corm home, thad's grade. I yam so happy to be nard sobyeghded to the acousteec bass guitar no more. My eears can stan' orp again. I can corm oud ob the clahr-sed. No mas hideen'.

Escuse me? I deed nard heear you...eardrom prarblem. Oh. Yes, comprendo. You cannard onnerstan' me because thees ees all sobteghs an' I yam actuallee silen' an' you doan' do sobtle?

OK. Led me theenk...

I'm theenkeen'...


Theenkeen...(thees ees painful).

OKOKOK! I gard eed: waid por eed, waid por eed...waid por eed...







  1. Ayye, Hermano! It may feel sissy, but it looks muy sassy, that red coat.

    If your ears are hurting, maybe the noise also "hurt" the wooman's Woodstock?

    Ha-ha! The word thing is cadsp

  2. I get that same eardrom prarblem, too! It is hard to hear whenever my Mommeh says "No-no, Daisy!"

    I like your fancy red getup.

  3. Nosotros comprenden muy bien...and we agree! purrrrrrrrrr

  4. Ah, yes ...The power of the porr (which arguably has its own sobteghs)!!!!

  5. How I lob the sweet sound of the poorrrrrrrr! We mus' not let the hoomans catch on to eets power.

  6. *sigh* The porr is back. Things are returning to normal. Now if you could type us what happened with the Woodstock glasses. Shhh....just between us....

  7. Donatella con quesoMarch 26, 2010 at 9:56 AM

    Oh, I just looked at that last picture again. Storbie, you look like a purrito!

  8. You found it!!! You have to do it a lot now, Storbie to make up for lost time.

  9. Growing up in the 1950s, there was a book called 'The Kitten who Lost Its Purr' - subtext a not-very-subtle "Don't bother going anywhere; home is best'. I think you may have read that book, Estorbo! Do you think the humans will get the message?

  10. Geiger y Es - Muchas gracias! Si, doan' eben mention the Woodstarck. She star' throween' theen's.

    Daisy deear, gracias. You can hab my getorp when I yam feeneesh weeth eed?

    QC - I knew you wor educaded cads!

    Ikaika - we rab them aroun' our leedle toes weeth thees porr, I know.

    Marisa, welcorm to my blarg...hab a pelled, relaghs, stay a while ^^

    Seemba - si, I was kine' ob reliebed, too.

    Donatella - my leaps are sealed. There ees a price arn my head eef I talgh ^^

    ...y con Queso??? You deed nard yos say I loogh como un burrioto!!!!? Pfffffffffffffffft

    Chrees J - my bes' regards to Don Bailey, por fabor?

    Rachel, you know...yoomans are theeck Through an' through. Yessepd you, ob course.

  11. red is your color!