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Sunday, September 6, 2009

My weegh

Eed's been so larng seence the Wooman led me seed ad the carmpudehair thad I cannard remembhair whad peecures I hab post-ted.

Thees was nize weegh arn the terrace. Fors' ob all, the Wooman was nard there. She was worgheen'. A.O.K.

Secon' ob all, the weathhair was fantasteec. YOU try to keep cool weareen' a forr coad een Nueba York en Augus'...

I caught four cicadas an' ate them orp croncha croncha croncha. Que rico. Delicioso. The green worns are the bes'. Beence gard so orpset. Ged a libe, I tole' heem. Forgh you, he tole' me.


Then the Wooman try to born the house down AGAIN. Whad ees wrarng weeth hor??? I maghe so moch stress when thees happens. Smoghe! Fire ! I try to warn them to escape, to ron, to call firetrorck. Bod they yos laugh. Ees how they preephair food.


I heed eenside a theen' call' a meenk.

Eed was strange. Fameelleear, bod crazee. Sad. Cozy.

The gringo put me arn his lap, so I feld bedhair for a while. Thees was afthair the Wooman declare War arn me. She say harsteeleetees woul' start the meenute I said Eep at 4.30am. An' they deed.

She said she woul' whoop my ass. She chaze me roun' an roun'. She say BADCAD! an', SLEEP!!!!


So I taghe the chair harstage. Eeff you whoop me, I make scratcha.

Bad cad! she say.

Bide me, I say.

To cheell oud I seed arn the roop today an loogh ad the streed. I talgh to my drorgs.

I sneeff them.

The Wooman tells me hor Mama ees cormeen' to beeeseet neghs' mornth. She tells me maybe I weel beeseet hor een Manhattan an' stay weeth hor. I say maybe I weell. I bed your Mama has a brain between hor ears an' nice sarfdboice, nard BADCAD!

She weell say, Nice cad, sarftboice.

She weell geeb me pelleds ad 4am.


  1. At 4am, Dinah shooed me out of the room and shut the door. (Sneef)

  2. Our wooman gets up too early and we can't snuggle with her then...Fuzzy tries stepping on her hair and chirping at her but still she insists on getting up. (sneef)

  3. Beence - whad. ebber.

    Geighar...bod, the question ees, WHAD DEED YOU DO THEN????? Do you need a Nedfleeghs or T-Mobeel enbelope to reep orp? They can' stan' eed.

    QCads, we need to swab Weemen.

  4. doan ya have some kinda awtofeeding thing? cudn't the wooman put some pelleds in it fer overnite? i doan like to critisize but i cant help thinkin it's kinda unkind to badcad ya just becuz yer hungry. cats ar nokternaul, after all. an fire is scary. can't argew fakts.

  5. What did I do then? Raced with Sporran up an' down the corridor. Nice, long corridor, we can get some speed up.
    No Netflix here, but the sofa makes good scratcha. Well, until last night when the Man put an office chair there to deter me.(I will tell Her to make a picture.)

  6. I think Halloween has a solution to the escalating hostilities, hermano. But all in all, sounds like you've had a pretty good week ...

  7. oh, an Mine sed to say that her Mom had somethin like a meenk, a muskrat, she said [that iz Mine's mom sed], but she [that iz Mine]sent it to the H u m a n e S o c i e t y [had ta go slo ta get that rite] becawz they can use meenks and muskrats and such to help hert an orfunned animuls feel moor cozee and less scared. Mine got the emale, in case yur intrestid--

    This wuz a cupul yeers ago, and Mine's Mom sed it wuz ok ta send the rat. i thot we shud just kill the rat, but Mine sed it was alreddy ded and that's why they wur sendin it away. itz wunna them mist trees that hyoomuns get up ta, but if a dead rat helps scared animuls be less scared, i gess itz ok. a mist tree, but ok.

  8. Looks like you had a good week, Estorbo. Your terrace with all its greenery is nice. The only time Bailey wakes us up in the middle of the night is if he throws up -- which doesn't happen too often now thank goodness. We only just figured it out, why he woke us up. Otherwise he is a very polite cat and mostly just sits by his tray when he wants food.
    A nice soft voice is good for cats -- no loud laughs either!