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Saturday, September 29, 2007

I yam essausted

My Gard.

I need a bacation.

Por neearly one weegh I yab been ON, man. Entertaineen'. Bein' cute. Pooteen' my bes' paw forwar'. All my paws are the besd so I fell ober a lard.

I played weeth orange reebons. Spoghe Spaneesh to a Frenchman. Bounced arf the walls when they looghed bored.

I yam borned oud.

Yeah. I need a resd.

Houseguesd ees mucho trabajo...

Hey. Bod he's kinda cute, you know. Por a man, I mean. I led heem taghe peectures ob me. Maybe I hire heem por my pobleecity.

Madonna. I loogh good.

Somebody geeb heem a contragd.

They deed compensade me ebentuallee: the wooman made thees feesh soup - she was tryeen' to eempress. So transparen' , ees pathetic.

Eed was deleecious...

She say she weell pood recipe arn hor blarg.


  1. You're pretty darn cute yourself, Estorbo, even though that best paw of yours features interesting claws - but I was asking for it... And I need a vacation too, if that'll make you feel better! So you think she was trying to impress me with the bouillabaisse? Well, let me tell you... It worked!

  2. Estorbo, that bouillabaisse is strictly for special guests only. You know that - I mean, how often does she make it? And I have to say, you look dashing in a ribbon, and darn-near Pooh-Bear-esque with your head in the pot! Max says hello. He got to lick the pan after I made Chicken Rolls last night.

  3. Yea, an' then I gard storck een the slideen' door. They called the fire brigade. Eed was humeeleeadeen',man.