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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Are You Loogheen' Ad ME???

Well, doan'. Why? because I weel keell you. I yam hard. You are deesgosteen': the weathair is HARD como an oben lighe 90'F, and my forrsood make-a me hard. Why, porque, Madre di Dios, was I born weetha forrsood?

I yab bad news, too, wheech ees why I yam angree. Eed ees terrible news:

My friend. My only reeal friend, Don Ambrosio de Jasharveen, pass' away las' week een Kommetjie. Who weel read my lairders now? For why do I yab thees blarg? For Ambrose, for Beeg Blue, my beeg, beeg frien'. His housekeeper email to my Meesers thad Ambrose was assisted to the angels, and I pray for heem my cattoleeck prayer thad there are manymany mize an' slow carkaroaches orp there. Also small, delicious bords what fly eento hees mouth. An' Royal Canin pelleds, a sweemeen'pool ob pelleds.

I weell meess you so much Beeg Blue. I lorfed you.

Your friend forebber,

Don Estorbo della Bodega Dominicana

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