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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Born Baby Born!

Las' nighd the Wooman was crazee. She go to bed. She sweetch orf lighd. I smell sometheen' fonny. I start to make-a noise whad she can' stand: I poosh smalltheen' roun' an' roun' floor een leebeenroom. She hear me, she say Estorbo! I'm tryeen' to sleep!

I pooosh smalltheen' roun' an' roun' some more. Estorbo!
Doan' make me come an' ged you, she say!
I hear hor throw arf the duvet. I hear hor stan' orp, she ees comeen' weeth speed. She sweecth arn lighd. She carm eento room. She see me ad food ob stove. She loogh ad stove. She go, Estorbo! I lefd the gas borner arn and the keetchen towel arn the stove ees begeeneen to born!

Yeah, I say. No forgheen' kiddeen. I deedn't wan' to spend the nighd een a firetrock.

She keess me many times. She call me Firecad.

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