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Friday, August 31, 2007


WHAD ees thees??? Thees. Ees. A. Sootcase.
For what?
No. The Wooman's Clothes!!! For why? To taghe away. To leab. To habandon me. To rejecd me, forged abou' me, throw me away! She HADE me!!!!!!
Who. Knew???
I deed.
I forgard.
Hey! I hab ADD.
I mighd meess hor. She's preedy good ad cleaneen' my leeder tray the minute I eben loogh ad eed. An' I only hab to say Eeep for hor to rosh een an' say, Ees eed nard to your likeen', Estorbito? An' I loogh ad eed an' assess, an' say, No, uh-uh, ees nard quide righd, an' she shake and rake an' add some fresh till eed look like birgin beach san'.
AN' she's tagheen' the compudair...I weel hab to go to Internet cafe.
Life sorks.


  1. "Life sorks." Tell me about it!

  2. we in same boat / suitcase!!!! are we brothers or what?? we also being abandoned and left. sob. but our wonderful carer clara she's coming to look after us, she gives lots of treats, more than our meesers. the computer it is being locked in the safe (this south africa, they steal... we want no burglars!) so we also have to go to internet cafe. totsiens estorbo (thats afrikaans for see you later) xxxxxxxx

  3. Tot seens, Trebor an' H-h-huwi. can't you stay een the safe, weeth the treads? Whad eef they steal you?

    Hey, El Rey! How ees Heaben? You roneen oud ob mouse-shaped clouds yed? Do the quails frarm Moses hang aroun' there,too?

  4. Hmm, my Spanishcat dictionary doesn't have quails and Moses in it, could you rephrase that, please? ;-))

  5. Cuthbert & ClarenceSeptember 1, 2007 at 2:51 PM

    Hola Don E

    Mmm - women eh?! Ours went away last Christmas (yes, Christmas!), with the dogs. So - no proper tree, no decorations to swing on. Nada. Not even our usual stockings full of toys and treats.

    But . . .her niece and the niece's fiance came to stay in the house while she was away and it was - fantastic! Because they served up chicken and turkey (M doesn't 'do' meat or poultry) and smoked salmon, not to mention ice cream, and shared it all with us! Sadly, the lovely niece is going round the world this Christmas so it'll be back to the same old, same old. (Still, at least this year we'll have our stockings and we'll get a chance to play 'let's pull the decorations off the tree - and then pull the tree over', so it won't be all bad.)