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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Borthday Peecs!

Thees ees Cothbairt. Cothbairt, you look lighe you gard cojones!

H-h-huwi an' Trebor...

Sollie an' a darg!!! My gard Sollie, you are goodlookeen' and crazee,man. You lorf a DARG? where ees Lennie?

Borthday treads frarm Afreeca! The queso especial por the Cape Town cads, the abocado whad I yab nebber ebber tasted...YOGHURT! an'...beeltarng? Eed looghs lighe rad drarpeen's. Bod whad a peecneec an' candles!

Muchas gracias my new friend an' brorders who are especiallee handsome an' large-boned. Essept maybe for H-h-huwi. Si, ob course you're handsome. Yos nard so large-boned.

My pardee? Eed has nard started yet, man. I yam waiteen' por hor to waghe orp. Maybe I assesst a leedle. I weell pose peecs.

Happy Borthday!


  1. we hope you have great pardee like us estorbo! that sollie is on his way. is not yoghurt is CREEMmmmmm! the biltong is no WAY like rat droppeens, mmm is good! happi day!

  2. Sadly I no longer have cojones Don E. What looks like cojones is . . . my foot - on which I am sitting.

  3. Cothbairt, you theenk I as tryeen' to loogh ad your cojones! I said you just loogh lighe you gard cojones becasue you are a beeg strarng cad (nard thad there's anythen wrarng weeth thad!). I meess my cojones. They toogh them away when I was een harspeetal weeth my jaw wired shot. Whad coul' I do?

    My pardee is tonigh'. Een New York, eef you hab party, eed mos be ad nighd.

    You talk lighe my friend Beeg Blue. He woul' have said, Sadly, I no longer hab any cojones, Don E.

  4. Ah yes I see now - you were speaking metaphorically Don E. And you're right. I am a bold cat, a fearless hunter. I take no prisoners. Cojones or no cojones.