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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Eed's my Pardy...

Oh my gard. A leedle golden mango frarm Chinatown, with papaya een the bag'groun'...porchase' arn the Bowery arn the way to the Brookleen Breedge.

Sonrose ad 6.48am arn our borthday.

I yam embarassed: papaya, creesp pancetta an' warm meelk por breakfas' AFTER pelleds!

My presen's: can ob tuna (Spaneesh); ball ob streen' ( Brookleen); (Greek) 100% fad "Fage" yoghurt; small golden mango (Chinatown, ex Belize) and::: sorprise!!! SARDINES!!!!

My fors sardines, ebber! Thees borthday-sheet ees fantasdeeg, man!


  1. estorbo, YAY, we so glad you had a birthday pardee at last! and such great presents! mmm, that 100% fad greek yoghurt, we recognise from life in London, is the BEST! an sardeenz - swoon! we love your bowl, was also present? made just for you? XX

  2. Trebor an' awaghe??? The bowl was made por mi by Ambrosius an' send to US by carrier pigeon... eed no break. Miracle. You know sardines??? Ees delicioso!

  3. H-h-huwi said SWOON, dedn' he?

  4. yes, SWOON. means to faint. from sheer delite an excitement.