blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Does Anyardy hab a Peerameed por Me to Gard?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Does Anyardy hab a Peerameed por Me to Gard?

My Gard, bod I yam a han' some debil!


  1. we are mirror images, SO handsome! no pirameeds at the moment ......

  2. Yeah. We need peerameeds. An' people worsheepeen' ad our feed.

  3. we got the worshipers XX

  4. .... about the worshippers, just check out yor clustermap?? x yor brothers

  5. But you are not as handsome as the Big Black Dog, BEN, who guards Wellington "the drain cat" next door. Ben will ghap you with one bite of his mighty jaws.

    What is this dislike of yours for dogs? We chase squirrels just like you cats do!

  6. Estorbo forgheen' Loco, manAugust 25, 2007 at 6:29 PM

    Mo'tee y Pasco...

    You are, I theenk, eef I remember...DARGS?

    There are DRAGs arn my BLARG!

    Hamba soeka, wena!

    I heenk thees ees your language??

    Whad ees ghap? My meesers weell nard eesplain?

    You chaze squeerels. Si. You chaze cads? NO???? Eef you cadge cad you weell keell, maybe...My Meesers' faboureed cad, abou' whom she dreamed las' nighd, Oncle Garfunkle, brorder to Simon (Black an' Whide), was keell' by darg een fron' tof Beeg Meesers...She no forghed. She warn os. We have beeg cheep arn shoulder. OK? Ok.

    Cads do nard chaze dargs. These ees because we hab sometheen' call' eempolse control. You onnerstan'?

    You OK to beeseed here eef you wear mozzle, OK?

  7. I meand thad. Drag dargs. You wear high heels. I can spell.