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Friday, August 3, 2007

Eemportant Announcemen'

Tomorrow, 4 ob Augus', 2000 an' sebben, ees my BORTHDAY! I weell be eighd. I theenk. Eed ees also the borthday ob H-h-huwi-and-Louis, I mean Trebor. Thad ees why eed ees my borthday. I yam loogheen' forwar' to my Presen's!

Lennie an' Sollie. You are Jewish cads? You are, borders, too? My gard.

Pleease to send peectures to the Wooman: She has eempossible name to say. Porhaps I ged por my borthday email address??? HEENT. HEENT.

The En'.


  1. Hola Don E

    Cuthbert here. I have sent a picture of me (after tasty snack - licking lips) to your Meesers. But cannot send one of Clarence because he is not well. He has been to the vet and had tests. And the vet thinks he might have a heart problem - or diabetes - so I am worried about my brother right now. And we won't know until next week. Poor Clarence - and we all thought he was just being lazy.

    Anyway, my friend, he has asked me to say he is sorry about the photo but promises to pose for one when he is feeling better.

    But the main reason for writing is to say 'Happy Birthday' (or is it feliz cumpleanos?) Don E, from Clarence and me, the three dargs and M, in Devon, England! We hope you have a fab day in NYC with all your friends. M has promised us a fish supper to mark this auspicious occasion. So virtuals purrs from across the pond,

    Bye for now,

    Cuthbert and chums

  2. My deear Cothbairt

    I yam berbery sorry por the health ob Clarence. The ved ees nard a goo' place to beeseet an' tesds are bery orpsetteen'. I hope there ees medeeceen whad does nard tase' so bad thad can feex your brorder.

    I hipe I ged feesh por sorper...

    Weeth feleecitations

    Your frien'

    Don Es

  3. I doan' hipe, man. I hope. I HOPE!