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Monday, August 27, 2007


My dealer gabe me some good storf...eed make-a me crazee. So I heed the wooman. No, nard como hide an' seegh; lighe, Slambamwham! Heed.

Now I yam bagh to normal. Whadebber thad ees....


  1. estorbo!! why you hit yor meesers?? those drugs, aikona! if we have them we fight and spit and hit each other, very ugly, our meesers say 'like football yobs', we misbehave so badly she has taken them away long time ago. is beautiful spring day here, we listening to the whales in the bay, we hear them breathing and blowing and playing with their babees. we won't be able to write you next wik, computer locked away and our missis away on whale trail. we not sure what that is but our carer coming to look after us, missis gone away 5 days for hiking. lot of food and boots and coffee and whisky being packed. drugs. XX

  2. Like our esteemed brothers Huwi and Trevor, when we have drugs we are like lager louts. We grab Anne's foot and dig in our claws so hard she curses. Then we bite her. Then we attack each other. So drugs are banned here too. Lucky lucky Estorbo to have drugs.

  3. Well, esteemed friend, I don't think drugs would do my brother Clarence much good. He already spends too much time lolling around like the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, puffing on his hookah. And M says I tear around as if I'm on speed. I don't know what she means . . .

    In the meantime, we have exciting news for you. M's friend from Dominica is coming to stay in September. We are so excited as it is a sort of connection - yes?

    We've never met her but the elderly dogs remember her from Notting Hill days and say she is muy simpatica. We will get M to take a picture of her with us and send it to you!

    Hasta la vista.