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Friday, April 26, 2013

Een wheech our final estimade arribes...

I heear beeg crash een leebeen' room. I ron een. The Wooman ees pass' oud arn the floor. All seex feed ob hor, flad.

Immediadelee I geeb hor mouth to mouth.

She waghe orp carfeen': Aaaaargh, cad breath, raspy tongue, wheeskers een nostrils!

You are welcorm, I say. You wor nearle dead. I sabe your libe.

I say, Wha' happen?

She say, I yos ged orpdaded estimade frarm Aneemal Endocrine Clinic. Here, she say, READ:


You are going to hab to bake sorm more cadneep cookies, cad.

Led me yos pud arn my apron, I say. Yos keedeen'. Bake your own forgheeen' cadneep cookies. My Amigos hab my bag.

Praise the lawd por your Amigos, she say.

Woul' you lighe a seep ob agua? I as', You loogh pale.

I yam nard pale, Estorbo, she says, I yam yos eenteresteen'.

(Ees serious, she ees abou' to ged all esseestential...we mos aboid thees!)

Eberytheen' weel be OK, I say. OK? Yos theenk, when I corm bag frarm microwabeen', you can use me as a nighdlighd beside your bed. I weel be eellumeedaded frarm weetheen.

I lorb you, Cad, she say,

I know, I say. I lorb you too (yos doan' tell anyworn I said thad).


  1. My friend, me and my Mom and Dad are still purring for you to get better and to have enough green papers to go on your fishing trip. Mom says she understands how your Woman feels as we have a massive payment due next week and Dad says, "How we gonna do that?' (in his big voice) and mom says, 'Don't know how but we will.) Everything WILL be OK!
    Love and purrs,

  2. Sheet, sormone needs to ween the lodhairy ...pairhefably me, then I can helb more. I hobe ees the low ext. thad ees the todal. Ees steel mucho dinero.. Don' they know jur name? Y thad ju are a forgheen' celebradhee?

  3. Oh,Estorbo, that yawn. When you return, you might have to don (see what I did there) your orange shirt and work part-time at Home Depot again.

  4. Ai yi yi. Reminds me of the time I spent $1800 on my already-cost-me-$1500-originally cockatoo Carmen when she had pneumonia. But it fixed her so it was worth eating mac-n-cheese for 6 months. You two would make a cute couple because she's pure white.

    A night light LOLOL.

    Seriously, the dog, the cat, the parrot and me are all rooting for you to get permanently well from this.

  5. Hola! Hermano,this is a scary number, but we think you are worth it.And Dinah showed us the card with your message. Why does it smell like kaka ointment???

  6. Ay yi yi!!! It is a scary number but worth every single peso and then some, to get our Estorbo to 100%. Alpha said she is sending a monetary contribution ASAP.

  7. MY human is trying to understand the way this bill is written. Because she can do some math, so it looks to her like they are for sure going to charge $2200(yay no tax) and it might be as much as $750 more, but that is according to how many extra mCi they have to give of the I-131. BUT the cost is $30 per mCi, so $750 extra would mean another 25 mCi! Sheet, that is a ton of radioactivity!!!! She says she thinks it will not be much more than the $2200, but, still, this is sneaky sneaky.

    So she went to googling again and found this reference, which says higher doses, up to 30 mCi, can be needed if the cat has thyroid cancer. If benign, the dose is usually lower, usually 5mCi or less, but maybe up to 10.

    It does sound as if this place does it all pretty scientifically, rather than treating all cats the same, which is very good.

  8. God speed, Estorbo. We will be praying for you...hurry back.

  9. Estorbo, your devoted amigos do indeed solidly have your back. So, please inform your humans they should respond as Shakespeare once counseled (Hamlet), "Cudgel thy brains no more about it." No, los amigos are flad pitching in, and dat is dat!

    After all, the Wooman does not have nine lives and we can't have her fainting on the floor. By the way, methinks your account of saving her life might be just a wee bit inflated.

    But, we weren't there, and you were... And Storbie never lies.