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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My many talen's: Rafteen'

Me Rafteen weeth the Smoothman

There are sorm theen's you do nard know abou' me. Eed ees time to eesplain':

I can raf'. See aborf. This is Full Rafteen'. Both feed.

Maybe you hab seen the cude bideo ob the ott-hairs at the Vancouber Auarium, holdeen' han's y rafteen een the agua?

So the yoomans teach me to raf'.

Can you raf'?


  1. A new skeel y new food. Thees looghes promeeseen'.

  2. Rafteen looks like fun! Enjoy.

  3. <3 Estorbo's little feet are keeping Smoothman right where the cat-boss wishes! You will love Rafteen'; but be prepared, Estorbo, it will be wet like baths are!
    I seem to remember that you don't like baths :(

  4. Dinah's cat called Biskit used to "hang ten" as the surfers say.And Rusty used to do the high five.
    I do the "flying cat" with The Man, but Dinah is too scared to try that.And Sporran is too ladylike!

  5. If that isn't a look of pure adoration I don't know what is ?
    Storbie sure does love his Papa (oops ! I mean Beence)

  6. Oooooh those otters!!!