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Saturday, April 20, 2013

I need green!

Where ees the grass? I need grass! Eberywhere the Wooman ees pulleen' orp hor plantas, I yam roneen' to see eef she has grass por me.

No grass.

She say she weell plant sorm. Worn carntainer ob grass. Yos por me.


  1. And catnip. Don't forget the catnip.

  2. Did she plant any catnip for you? If not I could send you some cause I have a catnip plantation.

    1. Si, I yab cadneep arn the terrace, dayeen', dayoud...

  3. And a palm tree. To remind you of the DR.

  4. We have Nibble-Licious cat grass seeds from Pet Smart. They sprout in a few days. She could definitely have a crop ready for you both before you go for your Feesheen treatment, and another crop afterwards. The package is 5 ounces of seeds, enough for a LOT of crops

  5. I bed ju weel hab MUCHO cad grass thees sum hair amigo. Een faghd, I theen' ju may habe mucho treeds eef theen's go well. I weel hab all appendages, eben my eyes, crorsed por ju. x(x.x)x

  6. Tell jour Wooman to nat skeeemp on the cadnib! Pack some por jour feeshen trip.

  7. It's a little-known fact that it's regular grass that makes you eyes green.
    (Tell the wooman to watch for some mail in YOUR name)

  8. Maybe there will be cad grass at the spa!